Time slips as words fail, so much was given to fall to nothing.
Once a dream that came so close to a reality, yet ever evasive like the shadows dancing just beyond the finger tips, teasing and tauntingly close, to always be nothing but a hopeless dream.
I tried so hard, you drank so much nearly drained me dry, yet still I refused to see.
Time twists life spins upon a dime, all is lost and all begins, we fall and fall and fail and try…..eternally turning, spinning endlessly in time until the bitter end.

~ by Duma Key on August 18, 2012.

5 Responses to “Time.”

  1. Very Deep, as we bare our souls to the wounds of love. Our wings often scorched as we flutter to the flame… We Dance through Time searching for the ONE… ..Time is also a healer and we have an eternity to get it right…

    The moment we let go we allow a new love to enter our hearts, We don’t need to spin until the bitter end… We learn that there is Joy in love and pain… Once we accept and understand we only continue to hurt ourselves.. Then we begin to see we can let it go and live in Joy once again..

    Beautiful poignant words you have written here…

    Let the shadows fall as you embrace a new dawn..

  2. Hello old friend, I pass you often …still searching, though we have grown and changed and moved forward even if we don’t own our movements. I always look out for you in the shadows, maybe I’m that dark haired girl dancing in the corner, look of lust in her eyes, gone are the days when I question that need in myself. I see you, always I see you …when I walk within myself and when I walk through the crowds.

  3. I just noticed that I hadn’t logged in to make the post above …so I may have passed by unrecognised!

  4. And again ..

    • I think even with out your profile link I would have known you, strange how I was wondering of late how you were doing, I often pass by your page searching your words, though often I hear your thoughts dancing on the shadows, always just beyond sight, but ever present.
      Though the world may twist and turn, places come and places go, we remain inside the shadows from which we grew, I a search out the darkness I often wonder if it’s you I see, dancing in the club, drinking at the bar, as simply passing by as we cross the street.
      I guess the shadows from where we grew, the darkness with in which we developed links us some how, like time harmonising over and over.

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