Easy thoughts

I have to stop thinking about her like this, it almost feels unhealthy now, like my mind wont let go, stupid things remind me of her and I hate that I still feel this way.

Worked out at the gym today, pushed myself much harder than I should, anything to shut out the pain in my head……!  I shut out the world and drove my focus on simply pushing my body, the weights and I were one, lifting more than I normally do, pushing harder than I normally push. I think I did too much when my whole body was shaking. I can feel the ache in my muscles now, tomorrow is going to be hell.

In the office tommorow, I figure at the moment the best thing to do is fill my time and try not to think to much about her, everything happens for a reason, so I guess I learnt that I can love, and it hurts, and that I want children something I never thought I would say….think or even feel.

I was going to Spain this weekend, but would have just been more of the same mixed with drink and sex, not a good combination for my already wild mind……!


~ by Duma Key on August 25, 2011.

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