(6) No Lemonade and Missing time!

Its been challenging today once again. In part because I have taken to having an ice cold glass of lemonade with me when I go to bed, and when I rouse in the night refilling it, I am not sure why but it seems to help, kind of a sweetness in the bitterness of all of this. I ran out of Lemonade this morning and I knew that heading to the shop on my way home from work, would have resulted in me slipping and coming back with more, telling myself “its there just in case,” “Your off work tomorrow,””Its nearly the weekend”……

So I went straight home instead, of course the devil on my mind, started suggesting I take a little walk to the shop, push my steps up (Currently sat at 15859), stock up on lemonade, Knowing full well I wouldn’t walk out with just lemonade, if I walked out with lemonade at all. So I have had to say no and now I have no cold lemonade, just an empty cold bed….a tad like my life has become.

Again I thought I slept well last night, but my smart watch begged to differ 4 hours and 57 mins. I woke about 5.30 had some coffee and took a 30 min run, before heading into the office. I garbed Lunch with a colleague who I have not seen in a while, we were late going down and most of the menu had sold out, but they made us chips, beans some Gravy and a bread roll…which was a nice change, and it beats sitting in my office, eating alone. Good catch up though I felt guilty taking the whole hour, normally I am grabbing bites of my lunch between e-mails or calls!

I found this morning a kind of anomaly, it seems some where between my front door and my drive, there is some kind of time warp, No matter how early I leave the house, I seem to end up in the car at the exact same time, setting off 10 mins later than I planned……something is eating time!

So another day ends, and we are nearing a full week now, funny how a week ago I didn’t think that one day was possible, yet here we are, I am going to hit the shower while I still can, before the next surge in energy costs kicks in and heating the water becomes a luxury…!

I am looking forward to a few pages from my book and may be a small lay in tomorrow….I am missing my lemonade though!

~ by Duma Key on September 29, 2022.

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