(3) Another day done

Another day done.

I slept better last night, 7 and a half hours awoke at 6 and even managed a small 30 minute run before work.

I went into the office today, to escape the isolation of home, I was worried about the drive back and the temptation to renege, but made it through and now sit with another day done and coffee, another rung on the ladder.

The prepared meals of yesterday helped, both Lunch and Dinner sorted a point I need to keep in mind.

I ran a little this evening as well, pushed my step count to 17390, which to be fair is not too bad given I spent most of the day sat behind my laptop, certainly to some extent a better place than I was, just hoping I can have the strength to keep on pushing on, I am certainly feeling like I am missing something!

For now, some Switch time, a few pages of my book and hope that sleep comes……..

~ by Duma Key on September 26, 2022.

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