Expanding possibility…….

Its been a while since I came here, truth be told, there is so much happening in the lives of those around me, that I am struggling to keep up. Not that I mind, I just hope that I am helping make things a little better.

In life I think all we can do is try to leave things a little better than we found them.

As time passes, I am finding more and more my outlook and perception of the world is changing, the way I see things has become much broader, not everything boils down to a simple binary code of (0 or 1), but there is a whole diversity in-between, a myriad of light between the poles and I am struggling to keep up.

Nothing is a simple as it once was, yet everything is more simple when I simply stop trying to apply age-old definitions to an ever-expanding view of life.

An apple is an apple right? But it’s not, one apple from the same tree can taste so different to another apple and yet the existence of the two, if we forget the perception of “how it should taste” only serves to make the experience of taste that much more pleasurable.

I am finding this with people, indeed even with in myself. Where as once it was a case of “0 & 1’s” now I see a whole realm of possibilities some that exist without definition, the whole spectrum of light, ever evolving colours makes a much more interesting read. It makes us who we are rather than what we are.

I am no longer a 0 or a 1, I no longer see the world as a print of 0 and 1’s and that’s ok because I was never a 0 or a 1 and I doubt in reality may people are.

In a sea of endless possibilities it puzzles me why we hold on to such a small cross-section, surfing on a wave of 0 / 1’s and not sailing on the ocean of life, exploring the endless possibilities this ocean has to offer.

No journey is ever the same, no person is ever the same, the way we think, the way we feel, the way we see.

For so many years I tried to find myself behind the mask, looking for a reality in me defined by 0 or 1, pre constructed outdated ideological social construct when all the time I was simply not being.

It matters not identifying as a 0 or 1, even an 8 or 9, what matters is the reality behind the person, the soul and heartbeat of our own self-identity, each adding flavours to the dynamic drink of life.

There can be no right or wrong, because there is no 0 or 1 just an endless flow of possibilities, a whole myriad of light that flows to form the changing face of tomorrow. It’s in accepting this, standing free and tall that we can alow the light to flow in us and the light to flow out.

~ by Duma Key on October 19, 2016.

4 Responses to “Expanding possibility…….”

  1. Mr Midnight says that the “endless flow of possibilities” is possibly a big thing for human beings because “possibilities” mean change.
    Human beings are not really fond of change. Sir Winston adds that because hes´s a cat, “change” is also something he is not too fond of.
    I believe that although not admitting it, most human beings are frightened to death of life – frightened of saying the wrong thing, of doing the wrong thing, of taking the courage to head out on a more positive path (but with
    uncertainty). Most would seem to sooner wish to suffer with what they know than to take the unpredictable path with possible change and eventual positivity. Victimhood modus seems to be the sign of the times.
    Thank you for your post; we really enjoyed reading it.
    Meow, purr purr and kind regards from our blog “Gilmours Nice Place”.

  2. Duma.. You have grown….. and it is so good to see your transformation and a witness to your journey through it..
    Be well and keep the world is made up of mathematics.. You are cracking its binary code 🙂 ❤

  3. Sending you Peace and Joy this Christmas Duma.. and all the very best wishes for 2017. Blessings Sue x

  4. Been a while since I have been here too….been living those possibilities…smiles…
    Hope you are still expanding and embracing the new year….

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