Weighing things up……!


As we develop in life it becomes more and more important, to weigh up the consequences of our behaviour, the implications of our actions.

There will always be regrets in life, things we oft wish we could have done better, tried a little harder at, or had not even done in the first place.

As time spins it starts to become more and more important to weigh up the odds, make each choice and action better, so each outcome becomes that little bit higher than the one before and the world becomes that little bit better each and every second of each and every day.

I think if we stop doing this, carry on blindly doing the same things, we cease to live and simply relax in a status quo of existence and a life half lived.

There are some things I need to consider and factors over and above my own sence of happiness that must be considered.

I don’t think it’s ever right to blindly steal your own happiness at the expense of another’s, and even more so to knowingly do that.

Nor is it ever right to gloat on another’s unhappiness, even if you feel justified in the outcome.

There is a situation, that I need to weigh up and the choices I make have to be the right.

Should I choose to act, then I secure a deeper happiness and also that of the primary objective, but in so doing also create knowingly an unhappiess for others, which I have no right to do.

If I choose not to act, the status quo goes on and the primary objective lays trapped with in an unhappy state, but the happiness of the world around remains and so the whole point of the exercise in itself becomes pointless and nothing changes.

The deeper implication is that the primary objective matters deeply and to that end I do not wish to see unhappiness, by doing nothing the happiness around stays in place but the unhappiness of the primary objective remains, so in effect I end up doing the very thing I set out not to do, but with a view to the greater good.

If I do nothing for me personally nothing changes, my world remains the same, though I will add to my list of “What if’s!” though I do lose the chance of a much deeper happiness

If I choose to act, then I secure the happiness of the primary objective and that of my own, but in so doing create unhappiness in another realm and I can’t even guarantee the new-found happiness will last, after all nothing is guaranteed in life. So It could all then be for nothing

Then there is also the fact by acting the explosion itself will not stay contained in a select little bubble, but will have implications in many other little bubbles. “The butterfly effect.”

If only we could know what is right, before it is pointless actually knowing it.

I think I need a drink after this!

~ by Duma Key on September 2, 2016.

3 Responses to “Weighing things up……!”

  1. Sounds like a big decision …I have no words of wisdom and not fully knowing the objective I cannot say what is right or wrong..I have made many decisions in my life though that make others happy because I enjoy making others happy but in the end, those decisions made me unhappy. With life as fleeting as it is…live each moment fully.
    Good luck and enjoy that drink


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