An art that nature makes? or same old same old?

“Yet nature is made better by no mean, But nature makes that mean: so, over that art which you say adds to nature, is an art that nature makes. You see sweet maid, we marry a gentler scion to the wildest stock, and make conceive a bark of baser kind by bud of nobler race: this is an art which does mend nature, change it rather, but the art itself is nature.”

(The Winters Tale, William Shakespeare)

Out of all Shakespeare’s plays, I think The Winters Tale resonates as my favorite. I love the tragedy and anger of youth, fading to the romance and ideal of age.

A tragic love story, with a happy end.

It’s hard to believe it’s September and already this year has changed so much of my life, so many words and yet so little time.

I was reading the other day about a new planet that has been discovered, one that could possibly host life. It is thought the planet is deemed to live on, long after our own Sun has burnt out and thus will outlive Earth.

The thing that hit me most about the article was the assumption already that this could be a new home for the future of humanity, like we have some kind of right to just go out there and claim this planet as our own.

Through the course of our own history have we ever learnt? Once we built boats and took are flags, planted them down on new lands, claiming them, creating a two tier system, us as the dominant race and the natives as the “savage race”  took the lands, destroyed the culture, enslaving the people, because our way is right????

Decades later we have the rise of groups like ISIS, and stand back in horror at their acts of terrorism…. did we not create this culture? Did we ourselves not do this? but the definitions have changed….to suit our own view!

Now already we are finding other worlds, with a view to a “new home for the future of  humanity” like we have a right to claim them, a right to go there plant our flags and take it for our own.

Is this an art that nature makes?or just our own arrogance.

We are throwing junk further and further into space, we have things on Mars and stuff in orbit around Jupiter, with no real regard for the potential damage we could do, Earth has an atmosphere for a reason….to keep stuff in….yet we insist on sending our stuff out, covered in microbes…that could be potentially harmful.

How would we feel, if another form or being….just dropped into Earth, planted its flag and said this is our’s? We have written countless books, made countless films….always viewing them as the bad guys…..yet its ok if we do it?


And so is this an art that nature makes by allowing us to develop this way are we adding to nature?or are we stripping away the very core of nature herself?

What is the reality when perspective is stripped away?

~ by Duma Key on September 1, 2016.

One Response to “An art that nature makes? or same old same old?”

  1. I read this and thought wow….this is so deep and how does he think these things? I may have to come back when I am not tired and put some thought into an answer because do you know what I have this morning…I got nothing..I am almost giggling because anything I say will sound silly and unintelligent like maybe I am from another planet…

    I will be back…is very thought provoking I will say…smiles to see you writing

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