The stoning of Soray M πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ

Sometimes I am terrified of a future, where I see everything that I am, or ever was, first submerged then erased.

As part of a project I am currently working on, I was doing so back ground research and came across a film “Stoning of Soraya M” it’s a tad horrific but defiantly worth a watch.

I tend to work at night, I prefer the solice of the office when it’s dark and empty, lets me think and breath and I don’t have to be anything else but me.

After watching that film it opened up some thoughts in my mind and the early hours are always good for clarity of thought, something unique about the start of a new day, ever evolving futures in the fabric of time.

Out side of the context of the film, I am thinking of that crowd throwing stones at the girl in the ground, doing things they know are wrong out of fear or a need to “fit in,” let’s be honest here at some point we have all done this….hidden away from our own identity to fit in with the “crowd” to be accepted, to not stand out.

Image and self battle…….

As the office filled, normal day life slipped in, I chucked the question out, in that situation, in that context, knowing the implications and our own moral code, how many of us would have thrown the stones? A vast majority agreed they would have to throw the stones, despite how they felt.

At this junction in my life, I physically can not answer my own question because I simply do not know, if accepting the status quo to fit in is more important than the dangers of saying this is simply wrong. Would I have picked up my stone and thrown it, burning inside knowing it’s wrong, just to fit in?

How many of us are not who we are because we need to fit in with some ideal, that was never relavent in the first place?

And now I am thing of myself and how I adapted to the “rules” if it was not that way, then I would not be the same person I am today, I think I could actually have been happy in life.

As much as society helps it also fucks us up….and as people lost in that code we move 10 steps forward, then blow something up and move 20 steps back…..

I am kind of thinking all life is important but it has to be bound with a moral code, we have a right to be who we are, with out judgment but no right to steal innocence or twist another’s life.

As much as we need to accept each other we also need to respect each other……as much as there is a need for right and wrong….it only works if we respect each other.

Can not get that crowd, throwing stones out of my mind, watch the film if you can…..don’t judge the people, just look at the bigger picture……no matter how much we hide it…..we all stand with stones in our hands and a choice to make and deep down self knows what is right and what is wrong…..but only by joining together in acceptance and love can we change it and make it better.


~ by Duma Key on July 13, 2016.

2 Responses to “The stoning of Soray M πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ”

  1. Be it a stone or a word, we all throw something as we point fingers and Judge Duma.

    Fear does strange things to people.. Not wanting to appear different, always wanting to ‘Fit-in’..
    I see it so often as people switch sides in conversations agreeing with whom they think are more powerful and influential so as to climb their own ladder.

    I am glad I did not see the film.. But know only too well how many people get stoned, tortured and killed throughout the world simply because they are individual. And do not conform, or bowdown.

    I watched a documentary on BBC2 last evening called Exodus, About the Mass migrations of families from Afghanistan and Syria. I cried heartbroken tears for all they had endured to lead them up to their finding their way out of their homelands. To be with them on their struggling journey to try and find freedom
    As they walked One little girl wet through in the rain laughed, sludge up to her ankles as her mother pushed her younger sibling and she carrying a load only around 10 yrs.. She said she loved walking free, in the rain, it was like a holiday, being able to walk outside and nothing to fear. Her smiles soon changed to tears as they tried to cross the Croatian boarder.

    The documentary showed how working people like you and I wanted to escape their homelands

    Teachers, Woman who worked in offices no longer able to work, treated lesser than human. Made to cover up and if a hand or foot showed they got beaten.
    Fear of going about their daily jobs, led them to leave,
    Then seeing again the FEAR of those standing at boarders with masks upon their faces, treating them lesser than cattle. To see the treatments of them trying to find a resting place.
    The girl knew of two young children who had died of the cold waiting on the boarder in the sludge and cold of winter.

    And the gratitude of finally some of them being made welcome in Austria was overwhelming.

    I will never understand how we have come to be so heartless. And yet I see more and more ‘Questioning!’ Waking UP! To these very same things you now yourself are opening awareness to Duma.

    Maybe it need Humanity to come to nearly Lose its Humanity before it once again Finds itself again..
    But I do see more now opening of hearts, compassionate acts. And awareness is around and about..

    I have to believe there is More Love and Compassion. For the alternatives of the future are too bleak even to contemplate.

    Wishing you well my friend
    Sue ❀

  2. Takes my stone and drops it at my feet and walks away….is always my way…trying to never do the wrong thing but never brave enough to stand up and say its wrong…I tend to walk away w/ my own thoughts…kept to myself..

    I hate conflict usually…unless you mess with my family then I put on my ass kicking boots but otherwise…

    I just love peace….I hope people everywhere will one day find it…

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