New House, DIY and stuff!

Rain, Rain and more Rain, typical British Summer! I am giving some serious thought to booking a few weeks in Greece again this year. Having just bought a new house and putting down 50% of the purchase price, I prehaps should not be spending money on a holiday, but I am sick of this rain, I just want some sun and there is still so much more of Greece I want to explore.

The new house is starting to feel like home, though I desperately want to get to work on the garden, I am thinking of adding a veranda to the conservatory (with a roof….to combat the rain). A little like below:-


I was talking this through with “New Friend” she thinks we can actually build this between us…..(which basically means she will do all the technical stuff, and I will just do what I am told)……still makes me laugh just how practical that girl is, last week she was teaching me how to use a drill. Of course I have used drills before, but not for the reason they were intended……..!

The rest of the garden (currently covered in slate chippings) I intend to lay a lawn, put in some feature borders add a water feature and some lighting and bring in a vegetable garden.

The house is a mix of eco-friendly and traditional, for example the heating system / water system has two options, either the gas boiler or a solid fuel burner, the electric links both into the national grid or solar panels, I can switch between the two, so I am thinking that growing my own veg etc….is in fitting with the house.

I have also bought /obtained  a few items of furniture, destined to be destroyed which I have started to restore and I am kind of enjoying doing that.

I am also strangely enjoying time with new friend, just getting to know her and with out the mask of who I used to be or some secret hanging over me, with her I can be completely honest,we have talked a lot, she knows who I was, the things I did…. we just talk and I don’t have to hide from her….kind of strange as outside of my old life…she is the first person that knows it all and still sees some reason to be my friend….!

~ by Duma Key on July 9, 2016.

3 Responses to “New House, DIY and stuff!”

  1. Love the house…the ideas….and new friend…smiling here

  2. So pleased to read all of your DIY plans Duma.. And good to know too you have a New Friend with solid ideas.. I know you will mould it into shape soon.. Greece sounds idyllic .. Raining here again as I type

  3. Aunque vayamos a hacer una reforma del baño fuera de lo normal, siempre y en todo momento existen unos elementos que
    son precisos en todo tipo de reformas de baño.

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