United we fall, Divided we stand.

Today for me marks a sad day in the history of the UK, today is the day that scare mongering and hate, replaced common sense.

Today is the day when the country voted to leave the EU.

I watched with a sense of sadness and grief, throughout the night as the votes came and it became clear, “The Exit campaign” had won.

I do not normally blog about political stuff, I tend to write more about the crazy things that go through my head, but today I feel compelled to say something. Though today many people  feel united, I don’t think we as people have ever been so divided, between the natural humanity of life and this in-built sense of hate.

As dawn approached and the normals woke, Facebook became full of uneducated and ill thought out posts, preaching inadvertently hate and division, something as a society and social system we should have left behind long ago.

Personally I don’t think the decision was made for the right reason’s, the focus was not on the reality of our membership of the EU, but on the marginal, ideology of a perceived fracture in our society.

In short we blamed the EU for an under funded NHS and an influx of “Migrants”. We took a debate that should have been left for a general election, to the polls and voiced our descent.

One thing is clear from the results, a majority of the UK is unhappy with the status quo, but unless we take that energy and anger, point it towards a more viable solution all we do is further chaos.

I can not help but wonder if someone has opened the doors to the lunatic asylum, handed out Valium and said to the crazy’s take center stage and run the world.

The vote was blinded by ignorance, like an exit would stem the tide of migrants, magic walls around the UK would go up over night….the borderes are closed….and people no longer have the right to seek a better life, or protect their family’s, from a wars we created many, many years ago.

There becomes, inadvertently two levels of life, where one has chosen to become elite, all be it inadvertently.

It’s not so much the failings of the people, but the failings of the political system, more should have been done to  integrate migration, not enough opening a door, saying you are here now, get on with it and expecting it to work.

There is so much that I could say, yet I find today so little words.

We as humanity and as a race, have never been so divided in our own unification, hate seems to be the favoured choice and I am not so sure that s I world I want to be a part of….today I am sadly glad that I never had children….because what are leaving behind.

A choice made, lost in the wrong reasons….I just hope we can find our way back….and remember each life is just as important as our own…..!

On that note, I plan on opening a beer, getting very drunk and once the reality of my actions kick in (HANG OVER TIME)…..Like the rest of the UK once it sees the reality of its actions…..wonder why the hell I did that!

The first time in years I took the time to vote….”Remain”



~ by Duma Key on June 24, 2016.

One Response to “United we fall, Divided we stand.”

  1. I guess I am still reading and figuring out what this even means…I am afraid I am ignorant as to the big picture…I realize it is extrememly significant but again…I am still trying to figure it out…I just feel the world everywhere is changing so much….scary and full of hate…

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