The New House!!!!!


After some initial set backs, I am finally now moved into the new house and slowly getting sorted, its starting to look more like home!

There are months worth of work to get the place exactly how I want and some logistical problems that I have had to work around for now, such as having to buy a separate fridge and freezer as there was no immediate place to put my fridge / freezer unit!

The garden sadly will have to wait till next year before I can tackle that, but I am already putting together plans in my mind.

I think the solid fuel burner in the kitchen is my favorite feature of the new house, I actually can’t wait till winter falls and I can light that bad boy, it also doubles up as a heating system for the central heating and water, so I can switch between the main boiler or the solid fuel burner!

I have an old set of draws, which I have stripped back down to the natural wood, these draws once belonged to my Great Nanna, who lived on this street for many, many, years and in a oddly romantic kind of way, I think its nice they have ended up back on this street.

Also my Grandma sorted through her kitchen and gave me some of my granddad’s old cooking things, he liked to experiment with different types of cooking, so although this new house is my future, I bring with me a part of the people / family that have always ment a lot too me.

On my next post I will add some photos of the progress so far and spend some time catching up on the blogs I have missed!

~ by Duma Key on June 17, 2016.

2 Responses to “The New House!!!!!”

  1. I’m so happy it all worked out. Can’t wait for pics. Congratulations

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