New Friends, new skills and how wrong we get people!

I don’t think I have ever been this stressed in my life, this house move has become a nightmare, contracts should have been exchanged last week, I had even booked time of work to move.

Then the sellers hit a legal issue and things were up in the air, the whole thing delayed! To cut a long story shorted contracts exchanged this week and ceteris paribus we should complete tomorrow, though I am not holding my breath until I have the keys!

I think I would have gone crazy this week, I know by now what I am like and at times like this I don’t cope well and I fall back to what I know, drinking and fighting! If it had not been for new friend, I guess I would probably be sat in a police cell, not writing a blog post!

She’s made the effort to call round, message and phone, help me keep my balance, when otherwise I would have gone crazy!

As we have got to know each other a little more, I think we are both amazed at how much we originally misjudged each other. How we actually got talking is a funny little story, I will reserve for another time!

She came around the other day as I was blasting Metallica and cleaning the fridge, just broke down in fits of laughter, uncontrollable, rather puzzling laughter, when she finally pulled herself together and could talk…. she was like “You are covered in Tattoo’s, the local thug….half the village think you are crazy, the rest are afraid of you….and here you are cleaning your fridge!”

If I don’t clean it, it don’t get cleaned? She had come around for dinner and I wont go into the hysterics of when she discovered not only was I cooking proper food, but also using the juice from the meat to make gravy. She honestly thought I was going to order take away and pass it off, or microwave a meal…she would have to pretend to love!

That amused me!

I inadvertently agreed to help her out this week with some decorating, assuming I would be doing the bulk of the work while she painted her nails and moaned about the mess! How f@cking wrong did I get that!

I arrived to find her with a rather dangerous looking tool, removing the wooden dado rail from the center of the wall……”Here garb this and start at that end, just don’t damage the plaster” I honestly have no idea what I should do with this thing, apart from remove somebody’s knee caps!

Once again she laughs and is teaching me how to use it, guiding my hands, showing me when to apply pressure, when to ease off and how to get this rail off without damaging the wall.

How very wrong I had got this girl! I am laughing and she is like….”If I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done….since I have done most of the work, you can sort lunch”

Looking through her fridge and cupboards, there is little I can do with boil in a bag rice and instant porridge….so we we head back to mine and I sort us out a spicy chicken salad as she invites herself for dinner!

The rest of the afternoon consists for her showing me how to remove wallpaper and ceiling paper without a hammer and chisel! and a dinner of salmon with a hollandaise sauce and fresh veg!

I am actually enjoying spending time with her, just getting to know her as a new friend…and I like the fact she is as crazy as me! I had said to her….no early morning run on Monday as I set my alarm for 4am to  watch Game of Thrones! (we are both into this!)….3.30am and someone is throwing stones at my bedroom window,  as I look out it’s her….she is actually trying to climb in through the window….and I am like let me open the door….but she was saying its more fun this way! So we are laid on my bed, eating pizza and watching Game of Thrones!

I forgot how much I missed this and realised how isolated I have become!

So when things went wrong with the house move, I can feel myself getting angry…and I am thinking pub….where I know I will drink too much and probably wreck the place, I call her and she is like give me 5 mins… we spend the evening drinking wine, comparing music and talking.

So even if it goes wrong tomorrow……I know I don’t have to deal with it alone, go crazy….I can just call her as my new friend she will be there as I would be there for her….and may be that’s what life is about!

Since Carla-Jayne its been hard!

~ by Duma Key on May 26, 2016.

One Response to “New Friends, new skills and how wrong we get people!”

  1. oh…made me smile…Metallica and cleaning the fridge…love it..sounds like a good friendship in the making…

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