Strange kind of day!

It’s amazing what a little bit of sun creates.

I got up this morning with every intention of working on the garden, I also wanted to go to the garden center to get some ideas for the new house, so I rang my Grandma to see if she would like a trip out there.

As it happens she was just getting ready to go herself, but had got a little upset at driving that distance, she still drives but just around the corner to the hairdresser’s or local shop, and to be fair she probably should not still be driving, since she has to close one eye, otherwise she sees two of everything……but thats a whole other blog post!

We spent an hour or so round the garden center, something she used to do a lot with my Granddad before he passed, despite having other plans, I made sure not to hurry her and pretended not to hear the guy telling her the liners she needed for her hanging baskets were round the corner, when she said to me they were out of stock and we would need to come back next week…. she only needs to ask and I will happily take her, but she is so strong-willed and independent, she will not ask….and thats fine, we will go back next week.

Loaded up with plants, I brought her home, “if you have 5 mins, there are a couple of jobs you can help me with!….but you better go home and change!” Famous last words!

Well that 5 minutes was actually 4 hours, digging the remnants of a blackberry bush out, rescuing an age-old pot bound Camila (“and don’t break that pot!”)….the bloody thing weighed a ton and the roots had attached themselves not only to the pot but to the base underneath!

Digging a new boarder and planting the rose bushes she had just bought! during that time I somehow managed to “volunteer” to pull out and re-paint the fence panels and jet wash the patio and paths……though I am not sure volunteer was the right word! So I have a busy few weeks ahead!

Since I hadn’t run today, I decided the garden could wait and so with Metallica mixed with random tunes from Amy Lea (I so love her voice)….I went for a run, smashing my personal best and hitting 10 miles, I could have pushed further quite easily!

My lawns are uncut, my garden unattended, but a day with my Grandma and a 10 mile run, not things I would change, though I have just opened a beer, that I am sure I will regret tomorrow!

I noticed the world differently today, the people and life in general, though sometimes I miss (well often I miss,)  having that girl to come home to, I don’t want another “S” and I dont want to be someone who I am not….I have kind of found myself, though I noticed that hot girls in tight shorts….I am not seeing things like I used too, a conversation, a cuddle, just a resonating sound of honesty…..

Some how I have got soft lol! As I never do nice!



~ by Duma Key on April 20, 2016.

2 Responses to “Strange kind of day!”

  1. I am sure that 4 hours in the garden were just as good as that 10 mile run.. And you had such wonderful company too.. Good to see you enjoying this Spring Day.. So did I.. Been out all day with Mother Nature..
    Take care Duma..


  2. Love hearing about you spending time w/ Grandma…very nice…oh wait you don’t do nice…lol..

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