Dreams, Thoughts and Autumn mists……

“It is the other rivers that lie
Lower, that touch us only in dreams
That never surface. We feel their tug
As a dowsers rod bends to the source below.

Phlegethon, Acheron, Lethe, Styx”

My absence from the world of WordPress has partly been due to changing my internet service provider,

(over two weeks with no WIFI, how on earth did we manage in the days of dial up!) and the need for some time to focus my mind, so I have been filling my time with walking and jogging, exploring the world that lays lost behind the concert jungle in which we dwell.

Dreams have a strange effect on our lives, I don’t think we fully understand them or there meanings, but the emotional feelings they evoke can be quite powerful, touch us in ways much deeper than normal rational thought and leave a lasting impression on our minds and hearts.

Last night my dreams were plagued with an emotional link to something from the past, I am not sure where or how those things manifested themselves in such a way, but the result of which was so powerful, that it had me up at 3am in the garden with a coffee and a smoke, under the pale moonlight, lost in the thoughts of the tears of a thousand sorrows.

It seemed almost as though I could reach out and touch that part of the things undone, the things that at the time mattered, but mattered not.

In the pale moonlight, I could feel the sorrow and the pain in her tears.

A river can be buried, but its a very hard thing to loose all together

Emotions I guess are like rivers, they lay deep, lost and forgotten underneath the core of the soul, but they rise in dreams, in heavy rains to remind us that they are there,that we are here and who we are.

My run today, lost in the cold and the damp mists of the autumn day, my thoughts returned once more to that time, when everything really mattered and nothing mattered at all, its was always about finding happiness and everything else got lost in translation.

At our feet they lie low,
The little ferment underground
Rivers of London
Effra, Graveney, Falcon, Quaggy,
Wandle, Walbrook, Tyburn, Fleet
Whose names are disfigured,
Frayed, effaced.

These are the Magogs that chewed the day
To the basin that London nestle in.
These are the currents that chiselled the city,
That washed the clothes and turned the mills,
Where children drank and salmon swam
And wells were holy.

They have gone under
Boxed, like the magician’s assistant.
Buried alive in earth.
Forgotten, like the dead.

They return spectrally after heavy rain,
Confounding suburban gardens. They infiltrate
Chronic bronchitis statistics. A silken
Slur haunts dwellings by shrouded
Watercourses and is taken
For the footing of the dead.

Being of our world, they will return
(Westbourne, cages at Sloane Square,
Will jack from his box).
Will deluge cellars, detonate manholes,
Plant effluent on our faces,
Sink the city.
Effra, Graveney, Falcon, Quaggy,
Wandle, Walbrook, Tyburn, Fleet
It is the other rivers that lie
Lower, that touch us only in dreams
That never surface. We feel their tug
As a dowsers rod bends to the source below.

Phlegethon, Acheron, Lethe, Styx.


~ by Duma Key on November 3, 2015.

2 Responses to “Dreams, Thoughts and Autumn mists……”

  1. Dreams….so intriguing to me….I used to research meaning and understandings to make sense of them to me….realities I couldnt touch…feeling I couldnt face…

    love the poem too….kinda scary though…did make me use the internet though to check the meaning of some of it….see there ya go making me think again….haha

    • Dreams are strange, they expose so much yet show so little…..but they make us think! Think beyond us! That poem held a deep thought pattern for me, over many years!

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