snorkling and thoughts!

Its still blazing hot here, the sun is good for my ink, brings out the various designs like a charm, but not so good for my skin!

I have a whole arms of creams, lotions and moisturiser’s but being constantly between land and water poses somewhat of a problem!

Today I have been snorkelling in the Greek ocean, not something I have ever done before, nor ever considered, kind of odd teaching yourself to breath underwater. Poisiden was a tad restless and the waters reflected this, probably just caught up with the messed up thoughts his ocean washed away from me……and sat wondering what the hell is going on! Wasn’t the best day for this activity but still I persevered and spent a good half hour watching a small family of fish play, what I can only describe as some kind of fish football!

Swimming out there in that vast ocean, puts things into perspective, just how tiny and insignificant I am, yet the fact that I hold a kind of self awareness makes me think I am more than I am. I need to do better at that.

I also need to do more with my life, I am taking this great gift for granted and I need to learn how to utilise it, to make the most of the moment and less worrying about tomorrow, tomorrow will be no matter what I do, and the past is the past.

I bought a notebook and a pen today and I have simply been jotting down my crazy thoughts, then reading them back, from all this negativity I think there is a way to spin it to something more positive, though perhaps not a good idea to leave this little book laying around lol! Fifty shades of crazy and some! Do we all think like that?

I also bought a book on Greek mythology, a rather interesting subject and something I want to study more, having visited the remains of a temple built to worship “Appollo” . I have also learnt a little Greek and again I want to understand more of this ancient language, I gather that it is one of the oldest languages! 

I am starting to get excited about things, about life and things I enjoy, I think I was almost on the edge back there, ready to just slip away. No one has that right to steal so much from another, yet I guess on an individual level we are all kind of selfish, see the world through our own eyes and nothing else matters. I don’t know if that’s the best way, or even the right way to live, but I know it’s not my way to live, I want to be better than that, with out judgment, I have no right to judge, I am just a tiny part of life, a spec on Persioden’s oceans.

Greece is a very religious country, I was privaliged when visiting an old Greek village to be there on the day of an ancient religious ceremony, something else that’s sparked my interest, the Greek churches are stunning, and I want to understand how the mythology changed into to Orthodox Church and the worship of God.

Do I believe in God? Kind of a strange question to ask me, but in all honesty, yes I do, there are things and points in my life, that I can not explain any other way, than the presence of a deity, some higher power……this whole planet, Mother Nature herself works so perfectly well, that I just can’t accept some random stuff (that magically appeared from nothing) smashed into itself and bang…..all this is here! Far to random!

So many thoughts, so much blood pulsing through my vains, this is the wave I need to ride, this is the way I evolve and move forward……and like I said I hit a point and then something more powerful than me, beyond my understanding moved the lines and brought me here……took me to the water……and so of course I drank……!


~ by Duma Key on August 17, 2015.

2 Responses to “snorkling and thoughts!”

  1. Lots of thoughts on your holiday I see….snorkeling is fun and magical too I think…I also believe in God…I always feel like someone or something watches over me…I hope this holiday brought you happiness and excitement

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