Sun sea and Salinger! 

It’s 11pm and I am sat in Greece, despite the late hour it’s still scorchingly hot! 

The view from my rooms is amazing, it’s breath taking,  just raw and natural beauty!

Wifi is poor out here, so I will only post the one photo, I will post more on a later blog! 

Got up at 7am this morning, just took myself of on a random walk, no 4G or google maps just me and the remote isolation of this Greek Isle.

Miles and miles of rocky hills, wild mountain goats and blistering sunshine!

The environment here is stunning, trees growing from nothing but rock, miles and miles of nothing! 

   And I have a rare Salinger novel…..such beautiful words, such a perfect place…..!

Earlier today, I took a swim out in the crystal clear waters of the Greek ocean, swam way out, away from the people, the island and lay out on my back, just the waves the sun, my thoughts and I.

Drifting on the ocean tide, the waves washed away my thoughts and for the first time in so long I felt alive, like a lost child in its mothers arms, safe, sound and sorted!

Something about the raw and natural power of this planet we inhabit, that pulls us back to who we are, if we take the time to stop and listen…..the waves pulled the blackness from my mind, the water washed away the dirt, my sadness and my tears, while the sun dried me off and drew me out!

I can see now the power my good friend lady depression holds, but I can also see the way forward, the waters cleared the dust from my eyes…….!

Tomorrow I am taking a walk, deeper into the island to find the perfect place to bury “in a litatary sense” something that long since should have lost its hold……I will never know if I was right or wrong, but I tried…..and tried to get it right, but I can’t carry this hurt, these unanswered questions, a life not lived…..that was never yours to take………may be one day I will catch you…..or may be not….but if I don’t catch you…..I certainly will not be there to watch you fall…..that was never is not ever who I am…….! 


~ by Duma Key on August 15, 2015.

3 Responses to “Sun sea and Salinger! ”

  1. Beautiful words from you Duma. you chose this holiday at just the right time too. New Moon, cleansing out the old, and the Ocean’s own magic of clearing out unwanted debris from your soul.
    Keep soaking up the Sun and Enjoy..
    Yes Life is Good when you get back to basics and see the beauty unfolding in Sunrises, Sunsets, and Ocean tides that sparkle in the Sunlight..
    May you also learn to sparkle once again my friend..
    Have a wonderful Holiday in Greece..
    Sue 🙂

  2. Oh my ….what a beautiful place….on my bucket list…hope you found peace and some laughter while you were there…

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