Heart Attack, Family and difficult day………

Short blog, difficult day……..

10am phone call, Dads had a heart attack (Not my real Dad, but the one person who saved this crazy family from self destruction, if it had not been for him, My Brothers and Sister, would not be where and who they are today)

Blue light rush to the heart unit in Sheffield and the agonizing drive to the hospital, its the not knowing that’s the hardest part.

An artery is blocked and they are unable to unblock it, the heart attack has caused some damage to the lower part of the heart, the extent of which will be determined by further scans.

He has somehow also managed to contract shingles,  further complicating his predicament.

I must admit the NHS staff were amazing, really, really helpful, on arrival, we had no idea where he was, what was happening, they found us a place to sit together, made calls, to find out where he was, what was happening and constantly came to update or check if we needed anything while the initial procedures were taking place.

Even going as far as letting him know as soon as they could we were all here.

Once they had him back on the ward and settled, came to us straight away, told us when the consultant was due and spent time answering any questions we had……!

I can not praise them enough.

At present Dad settled, in some pain and may have to go into isolation. We will know more over the next 48 hours.

The one thing that hit me today, was no matter how fragmented our family is, how as soon as “Dad” was ill, everyone dropped everything and we were all there.

So much that guy has done, taken us away from a world of violence, where childhood life was shit, and although much to late for me, saved both my brothers and my sister.

Today my sister is married, has two amazing children and a happy functioning little family, one brother has an amazing wife is a teacher and planning on starting a family soon, (a family that will never know the violence and horror we saw) and another brother who worked from the floor to become a top and highly respected / sought after manager that earns stupid crazy amounts of money and may be even  settling down…… he took the broken pieces, with no need or obligation and glued them together, showed us a different way…..and different path.

Even if I went to him today, needing help, I know that no matter what he would be there.

Those quality’s in a person matter, what that guy has done is unbelievable. Just a good guy and if I achieve just a fraction of those qualities, may be I have achieved something.

~ by Duma Key on July 8, 2015.

5 Responses to “Heart Attack, Family and difficult day………”

  1. *hug* my love to you and yours – I am sorry this happened.

  2. Duma, My thoughts and prayers are with your Dad and the whole of your family, and yourself..
    Its hard when something like this happens out of the blue.. Sending you over the airwaves my friend.

    • Thank you that means a lot, just back from hospital, massive improvement from yesterday, colour back, alert aware and moaning about all the wires he is fastened to! The team at Northern General are amazing…..can’t praise them enough! The drive home tonight was such a relief! Hopefully now he is out of the danger zone!

      • I am so pleased to hear this news Duma. and I will continue to send.. There are remarkable roads now into heart surgery .. I have had several friends who have undergone major heart opps, He is in the best of hands and Even my friends who live near me had their opps at Sheffield they are the best in their field..
        Keep Breathing……… and thinking positive… Sending thoughts your way. Hugs.. Sue

  3. OH gosh….I am so sorry to hear about this and I hope at this point things improved even more…so hard to see someone you love hurting….sending thoughts and prayers

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