Absent…..a dance with lady depression and some flowers ……

So I have not been blogging much of late, to be fair I have been kind of fighting my good friend, lady depression …..though we have a history……she popped up this time with a whole truck load of suit cases determined to stay…….

For me the only way to escape, is to push myself to be more active….which is difficult as the very thing you need, is the one thing you become incapable of doing! 

So my time, though isolated has been spent….learning and making things……

Not really feeling words at the moment…..so pictures of my time……





 Once a massive mess, over grown, wild trees…..now new baby lawn and a border ! 




 Put this in last year…..was just a stick and a few leafs……stunning this year! 















 Few shots of my tubs…..still making mistakes…..the begonias really needed to go together…..but learning as I go! 















 The hanging baskets…..not perfect but all grown from seed (the begonia from corn? Is that right? Lumps of things dried through winter ….in dry soil stuff early spring till the shoots came and the baskets till flowers came))) 

Things not working how I would want, nicotiana, begonia and petunias compliment but if I knew how they grow, I would have planted differently …….

OMG I know these plants, I know there names…….





















 Some shots of the front, tubs planted a tad late (cheated and garden centre plants) border again a bit late but the soil had dried to an almost conceret, needed a lot of water and hard work to make the border usable…..and the tree in the centre here when I came, no idea what it is….but flowers like a dream!   
Still a massive area on the back I need to work …..thinking grow my own veg and stuff……..

It’s nice to sit out in the eve, listen to the birds and think I have done this…..and miss lady depression you can undo me…..but you can’t undo this……

Some sort of lesson there may be……despite how bad I have been, the darkness inside me….the flowers grow…..life moves …….but only works with, love, time and work ! 


~ by Duma Key on July 6, 2015.

4 Responses to “Absent…..a dance with lady depression and some flowers ……”

  1. WOW! Duma.. πŸ™‚ well That Lady Depression sure Kissed you in the Nature’s department! lol.. And you are right, no she can not take away what you have created.. And there is something about working along side Mother Nature that heals, soothes and restores.. I am so pleased you channelled your energies over into your garden..

    Such a beautiful job you have done too.. Big smiles, Yes you know the names.. And growing from seeds many of them I am impressed.. VERY impressed..
    Missed you!..
    I hope that lady goes and sleeps else where! LOL.. and leaves you alone
    Veggies a great idea, because if I remember right from you post you can also Cook!! :-D..

    Since you have been away from WP I also started a new Gardening Blog so any time you feel like picking my brains.. I am always here to help..

    Hugs to you.. And take care..
    Sue x

    • Omg……thank you for your thought print……weather (though rain is good for my garden) and a few other things…..darkness was burning inside, actually looking at a bottle of Vodka thinking…….good idea!
      Then my iPad pinged……and your thought print…..thank you!
      Just wandered out into to the garden, ton of new ideas …….!
      Sometimes just some words at the right time fill a void so deep……..
      My hands are covered with cuts, my arms with bites and stings……but no longer from destroying but from creating ……..(once all I knew was to destroy ) hell I even find myself talking to my baby plants …..checking in the morning they made the night!
      Something so amazing from taking a tiny seed, watching it shoot and then flower……and begonias at the min my favarate flower!
      old boy up the road ……came to me last year with a few problems…..sorted my way….may be the old way…..was getting some hassle …….now I kind of ended up watering his garden, chucking him a beer……and we chat……given me a mint way to stop slugs and tiny creepy stuff eating my baby plants!
      Life I am kind of seeing is about growing from the past …….the Begonia corns (think they are corns) are better this year than last……and I hope that may be I am a better person now than what I was!
      But anyway……your thought print makes a difference …….owwww and the sweet peas you grew……I tried them and proper fail 😦

      • Duma, you don’t know how happy this reply comment has made me. Soooo pleased you didn’t kiss lady V.. and yes why do you think I spend so much time in my garden.. :-D.. its a great stress buster and puts life into perspective.. WE are ALL here to learn and GROW! my good friend..
        I had missed you, and believe this or not, had been sending thoughts out your way only this week thinking how you were doing and thinking to myself when I get back on WP I must pay Duma a call.. πŸ™‚ and up your new post pops..

        You see there is a synchronisity within this world.. You are beginning to find this out.. And creating is what I do with my art when I get low and down.. ( I still at times do battle with lady Depression even now ) But turning our attention into creative avenues pushes those dastardly demons away!.. πŸ™‚
        Your patio is testament to your hard work.. and I was Beaming from ear to ear as I scrolled down all your photo’s..

        The mint way wouldn’t have been crushed egg shells would it? slugs hate small gravel type ground to creep over.. Now if you neighbour has a Mint way of clearing white fly without using pesticides I would be very interested in learning LOL.. πŸ™‚ And the sweetpeas like lots of muck.. so the richer the soil the better.. Have 3 lots growing. One in my home garden and 2 in the allotments.. The ones in the allotments are on the old compost heap which hubby cleared for the squash and courgettes this year They are doing brilliant compared to the ones in a tub on my home garden.. πŸ™‚ I think I have had around 6 such bunches off the allotments already.. πŸ™‚ and the fragrance is divine..

        Keep smiling.. oh and if you want a good insect spray repellent you can make just give us a shout.. πŸ™‚ or better still I may post it on my gardening blog.. πŸ™‚
        Happy Gardening

  2. Love the pics but will stay out of your beautiful gardens…I am indeed…plant killer…but I love to look…its so beautiful…I just dont touch…lol…

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