Handful of Sand…….Illusions…..

With a handful of sand, you can build a whole world in the palm of your hand,

With a handful of sand, you can right the wrongs of yesterday.

With a handful of sand, you can build your happy ever after.

But a handful of sand is just a handful of sand,

and when the cold wind blows, watch as the grains float away,

a handful of sand is always just a handful of sand.

Crisp cold winter morning, fresh ground coffee smells ooze from my kitchen, I have developed a whole library of different beans, different flavors and styles of coffee, a far cry from the drunken hung over mornings.

Sometimes life is not fair, sometimes its hard, sometimes it seems the bad ones land on their feet and the good ones are left to feel the hurt.

But that’s just life, it’s the way of things, sad but true and we can either spend our time building with a handful of sand,or simply write it off and build once more in the reality of life.

Some words that echo in the background, simply because I like the beauty of them…….

You are one of God’s mistakes,
You crying, tragic waste of skin,
I’m well aware of how it aches ,
And you still won’t let me in.
Now I’m breaking down your door,
To try and save your swollen face ,
Though I don’t like you anymore,
You lying, trying waste of space..

Before our innocence was lost,
You were always one of those ,
Blessed with lucky sevens ,
And the voice that made me cry .
My Oh My.

You were mother nature’s son ,
Someone to whom I could relate ,
Your needle and your damage done,
Remains a sordid twist of fate.
Now I’m trying to wake you up ,
To pull you from the liquid sky ,
Coz if I don’t we’ll both end up ,
With just your song to say goodbye.
My Oh My.

A song to say goodbye,
A song to say goodbye ,
A song to say…

Before our innocence was lost,
You were always one of those,
Blessed with lucky sevens,
And the voice that made me cry.

It’s a song to say goodbye


~ by Duma Key on November 25, 2014.

3 Responses to “Handful of Sand…….Illusions…..”

  1. Great post with interesting content!
    Can’t wait for more!
    Best wishes, R


  2. Duma, you know you write so well. And you have put this post together with those amazing lyrics ..
    Sand my trickle through your fingers, and it may blow away.. but sand becomes solid rock when mixed with the right ingredients..

    Coffee sounds a much brighter way to start your day πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ and I love the smell of it.. even though I do not drink it often.. πŸ™‚

    You are well on your way of seeing through the Illusions, as you sift through the sands of life.. Remember the Ocean bed! And the Sahara Desert! and beneath our feet, All built upon sand.. The trick is…
    Making each grain we hold count.. πŸ˜€

  3. I love the smell of coffee too although I dont drink it anymore….and hey….sand does create rock and come on…dont you love the feel of it between the toes….great write…

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