Positive thoughts….. Beef Stew and a Roast Dinner….

Last night was my first night back on nights, after a random two weeks stint on days, working in that ranks of the normals.

Sleep today has been evasive and patchy, drifting in and out, floating on clouds, all signs of a troubled mind.

The space besides me lays empty and untouched it’s been like that now for some time, I could fill it with some random, that means nothing, just to keep it warm, to pass the time, but that’s no longer what I want, I want so much more.

I think I am afraid, afraid to reach out, afraid to let go, afraid to let the summer sun melt the ice of winter. When you experience something for the first time, something so new, something others take for granted, I guess you appreciate ever second, notice the things others take for granted, and when its gone the balance also tips.

It’s time to find the summer sun, in the midst of the coldest winter.

A week of positive thoughts, positive blogs, finding something light inside the darkness, hope in an often hopeless world.

Little light tale from yesterday…………

So I was thinking early afternoon a nice roast dinner. The meat has been in the over about an hour, the veg is prepped and ready to go.

When I get a message from my Grandma, making a pan of beef stew, will you share it with me? I think she may have wanted some company and so suddenly I have two dinners!

There is something very special about Grandparents and Great Grandparents cooking, something that even the best chefs, cannot recreate, its lost in those proper home cooked meals, traditional winter food, that only the older generation seem to know.

So I arrived at Grandmas to a plate loaded to what I can only describe as the Mount Everest of Beef Stew, Mashed Potatoes and homemade Grandma style Yorkshire puddings.

Something else about Grandparents, they are always trying to fatten you up!

I did my best to work my way through it, to prompts of there is more if you want it! And yes the stew was amazing, everything cooked to perfection and one of the best meals I have eaten in a long time.

My roast dinner lay dormant at home…….. But sometimes other things matter more than our own selfish moments…… sometimes in life it’s easy to forget this, to miss the moon while searching for the stars.

So my positive thought…… Catch the moments in life that matter, let the rest fall away, listen to the pasts long heart beat and the echoes on the wind, never forget to see what’s is there every day as one day you may wonder where it’s gone!


~ by Duma Key on November 11, 2014.

One Response to “Positive thoughts….. Beef Stew and a Roast Dinner….”

  1. oh how I love these thoughts….I try so very hard to make each moment count…my grandparents and sadly even my parents are gone now…its important these little things….eating mountains of stew…love your heart for going…

    I will share a story too…my mom died just 3 years ago and she and my daughter had a very close relationship in their short time together…it was amazing as my mom and I had a rough relationship for a long time…anyways…at Christmas…on christmas eve…my mom would make a mountain of lil sandwiches….cut into triangles…and my daughter LOVED the pimento cheese spread ones…she would eat omg…tons of triangles…

    Here in frozen tundra land…we have never been able to find pimento cheese spread…but my husband two weeks ago…found some in a deli….oh how my daughters eyes got big….she has been taking it in her lunch to school every day…but I have to do something when I make her lunch…I have to cut it in lil triangles…like Grandma used to do….

    the moments do matter Duma….so glad you realize that also…yea…I am getting all teary so I am gonna work now for a bit…big hugs your way…

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