Should have stayed in bed!


Rainy Saturday morning laid in bed, mood still dark and I really did not want to get up.


To be honest I wish I had not bothered. Facebook decided to highlight that “Cinderella” got her happy ever after, its funny how life works out like that, and it’s not so much that I am bothered, it just seems a little unfair and reminds me of the insignificance of myself.

I know that its better this way and maybe I helped pave that path, may be that was my role, the only significance in the insignificance of me.

Half way through my morning shower and the shower blew up, I am wet, cold, covered in soap and there is smoke coming from the switch, the electrics have tripped.

I should have stayed in bed today.

Stepped outside for a smoke, while the coffee maker does its thing and I dropped my last smoke right into a puddle.

The milk has passed its time and curdled my coffee, I guess I have been too busy with work this week.

No smoke, no coffee, my already black mood is darkening.

Called the electrician to fix the shower, going to be a bigger job than I thought, just gets better and better.

Million and one things I planned to do with my day off, none of which are done!

Beer, take out and a film am doing sod all else today.

Should have stayed in bed today!


~ by Duma Key on November 8, 2014.

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