Internet dating…….. ????

Bit of a lighter post today, it’s been a bit dark on here of late! And I need a little more light in and around me during the dark winter months.

A lot out of character and much to my own horror, I have joined an internet dating site! I figure the usual places I meet girls, being bars and clubs is not prudent to any kind of future.

The whole scenario is fraught with traps and dangers, kind of like walking blind through a mine field!

The first consideration was where to join, I opted for a pay site since I figured the types of people on there will be a little more serious and a little less fraught with danger!

The first trap I faced was the profile bit, I have got so far aware from where I once was, that I am not entirely sure who I am! Not the headline grabber I was hoping for! What do I like? I guess big breasts and short skirts is not the answer they are looking for!

Suddenly I have found my answers, lay with books, music, good food and conversation, a far cry from hanging out in bars, drinking and the customary Saturday night fight followed by a kebab. Hell I don’t think I have ever liked kebabs!

In fact I can’t recall the last time I went out drinking round town, these days I prefer a coffee and a good film!

Then it was what am I looking for….again big breasts, nice legs sprang to mind…..Ok I am a guy, yes we notice these things! But seriously what am I looking for, well that opened a whole can of worms……Honest straight conversation, trust, respect, walks, trips away, time spent making each second matter… wake each morning with no distance between us, to know that what matters beyond all other things is the truth between us…..!

When did I get soft? When did I get old?

Sunday lunch, a crazy weekend in Paris, to see the world but not as me but as us. I don’t want to be who I once was, I don’t want the lies, or the images….just straight time that matters.

Then the future, once it would have been a chance with a couple of your fit mates, now it’s like I want to retire to the country, smoke my pipe…..(with nothing illegal in it like……) but seriously, to feel happy inside and out.

Next its profile pictures, I am a guy….we do not do photos….. Seriously am I expected to stand taking bloody photos of me? Well I have dark gothic style Tattoos, I like my Tattoos, and I like the piercings I have, they are a part of my, they hide well under my business suit and in all probability I will have more… I show these? Do I take out the various bits of metal in my tongue etc.? How the f@ck does one do a “selfie”?

Since it’s a new beginning I am looking for, a new chapter, a real chapter, then the photo has to reflect exactly who I am, the good the bad and the ugly…..and I seriously didn’t take a whole two days trying to get something that captured me……Ok so you have me….I kind of did….and they say girls are vain…!

So I have a profile I am kind of happy with a picture that kind of works and payment made……after a little debate, I hit the upload / go live option.

~ by Duma Key on November 4, 2014.

5 Responses to “Internet dating…….. ????”

  1. just smiling cause….I have to tell ya….my scandalous past…after I had my daughter..I never married her dad thank goodness but I became a total mom…I never went anywhere..I never left her with a babysitter…I did that a couple of years then I was like omg…I need to be around an adult….man to be honest…so I joined online site…a pay site also…and ummm…I now live in the northern US in the frozen tundra now for 6 six years and married now for 3 years to a man I met online…LOL…

    go for it…just beware…some lie and lie and lie but some…are sincere and honest….I met a great one who is a great dad to my daughter….

    we want stories and hey…lets see that selfie….smiling

  2. Ah! I could swap some stories with you about online dating – good, bad and totally ridiculous! Go for it, who knows what’s going to happen!

    • lol….. I already have stories…..but they can wait for a later post. Having just arrived in from work, time for a beer!
      There was a time I thought I was crazy…….now I am wondering if its actually the rest of the world…..!

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