Soldiers of Light……… Dreams and Demons.

Last night I had the most bizarre dream, for some strange reason I was in some kind of church trying to exorcize a demon from some random girl that happened to be possessed.

I am not really sure what that says about my mental state at the minute!

Around us each day there is both light and dark, I am not the most religious person but in my own way I believe in God, I don’t think you can believe in the idea of good without the balance of evil.

May be in some way we are all possessed by demons? Be it drink, drugs, infidelity, we all have our cross to bear, our demons to fight.

Just as there are light people in the world, there are also very dark people and often it seems the dark ones are either drawn to the light or so full of venom that they fear it and try to put it out.

Reminds me of a rather curious incident at Tesco the other week.

I was stood just outside minding my own business, when I noticed some random women approaching, she was so full of venom you could almost see it spilling from her as she walked, she made some awful comment to a young girl as she passed, a comment there was no need to make, it was like she was possessed by some angry force and was spilling out on the world.

Now I am not saying the devil goes shopping at Tesco! Or that evil spirts possess human bodies, but there is most certainly some real evil at work and at large in the world.

When we stop and look, look beyond the paper towns and the paper people, there is a much deeper core, a much deeper battle than broken hearts and forgotten dreams, almost a constant battle between the forces of light and dark.

We as people, as humans, as thinking conscious beings have to make a choice, tip the balance, right the wrongs, in every choice and every action fight the demon and choose to walk the path of light.

We are after all for the most part soldiers of light.


~ by Duma Key on November 2, 2014.

4 Responses to “Soldiers of Light……… Dreams and Demons.”

  1. I often feel that I’m full of darkness — darkness that others than feel, it’s tangible around me and no matter how much I try to care my darkness always overshadows any light I try to bring.

    • Your words old friend, echo light, just I fear that you as I often do, miss your own light, when you grow in shadows, you learn to hide from light, its safer in the dark, the dark becomes your friend ……but you also hide from yourself……hide from your own light. Its not your darkness but the darkness that finds your light…..blinds you, binds you and holds you back……clear from your words how much you have to give! Or you could pop to Tesco…..i think the devil shops there lol!

  2. I think your right in that fear is probably a big factor …fear of being hurt….ridiculed or whatever reason some people just cant seem to realize whether its light or dark…life is not always pretty….its just how it is…but its how you approach things…turn them around…become stronger…fight the evil…it really just makes life brighter…

    course owning a sword or in my case some ass kicking boots always helps too….

  3. Yes you are right Duma… its all about Choice.. Lets hope more make the right choices.. and choose Light over Dark..

    Wishing you well my friend in ALL of your choices you are making.. I hope they come good..
    Enjoy your weekend..

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