Active change……….

‘If I sit outside in the pouring rain, may be I can drown in something other than my own thoughts”

There are times when we have to make change with in ourselves because we have become too lost in something else and whilst living in the fantasy, we step out of reality.

Today marks the third day in exorcising a demon that has been with me far too long, a battle I should have fought long ago. Its often easy to slip into something, but much harder to slip out.

This is day 3…….already I am doing what I told myself was impossible, with each new step, comes each new breath, this is a battle I must win.

~ by Duma Key on October 15, 2014.

2 Responses to “Active change……….”

  1. I hope Duma you won your battle.. But I prefer to call it a challenge.. And each one we are faced with that we come out the other end after taking that long breath.. We become Warriors.. overcoming the demons and our shadows that lurk in the crevice’s of our mind..

    Hope your gaining strength

    • Demons that should have been fought long ago, not been easy and my crazy friend…….threw my mind into chaos but I think this time I have come out…the right way, like the way I see things has changed again. I won the battle twice over……Once in where I was and again in the reality of me…..because I want to improve as a person….get better at what I do….who I am…..

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