Winter is coming

Autumn seems to have come almost over night, slipping in with her deadly bite, darkened nights rain and endless cold.

This is always the hardest time of year for me, the Autumn winter months as working nights I see for days on end no sunlight, sleeping as the sun rises and waking as it sets.

The last few weeks, circumstance, life and fate have a brought a darkness over my mind, a cloud that seems almost impossible to lift and I am finding it increasingly more difficult to function.

I know my thoughts are wrong and I know that this is not a good place to rest, but suddenly I feel so tired and everything has become to big.

Its easy to say “snap out of it” I have been telling myself that for days, but still I seem to linger here, like one incapable of there own distress.

Increasingly I find my thoughts wandering to death, mortality and the point of it all, I seem to have forgotten how to feel happy.

Functioning on half steam, doing the things that I need to do, putting of the things that can wait, things that can be left to another day.

Whole string of unanswered messages on my phone, e-mails and missed calls as the effort to talk becomes too big and I just want to lock down the doors, draw the blinds and avoid the world.

Winter is coming.


~ by Duma Key on October 7, 2014.

2 Responses to “Winter is coming”

  1. No wonder you were feeling out of sorts… Oct 7/8 was the Blood moon if I am not mistaken.. Lots of energy changes happening around about then.

    • Lots of thoughts and sometimes just the thoughts are enough to loose track, Thank you for your comments when I loose myself…..its nice to know that I am not totally lost……you are a rare and natural light.

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