My Alpha but never my Omega……And no more Photos please….lol

After my post of yesterday, I had an issue with my laptop, software conflict and as a result had to pull some back up files out from a storage device from my old laptop, but the back up contained files backed up from “S” phone…..more bloody photos!

Since I discovered it, I have not been able to stop laughing, like a conspiracy of memory and dumped the whole lot, I seem to recall there were photos she was sending to some other guy in there of course, she was not aware of how they got there!

To combat the nostalgic thought, I needed to find some balance, I don’t think negativity can be held in the mind with out the balance of something positive and three days in the Labyrinth was defiantly not positive.

I always find music helps, kind of odd with my choice of tunes, I like things from heavy rock, to slit your wrists and Lady Ga Ga.

Professor Green released a new album today so I downloaded it to my iTunes and was listening to it on my way to Barnsley couple of the songs, I had to ask myself if he actually knew “S” !!! Just kind of seemed fitting to our time.

I probably need to be clear here, I bang on a bit about her, but I needed to understand and understand me, like I said yesterday a whole unnecessary series of root canals that was us, but to balance with out ever knowing she awoke me and from the darkness I found a better way to live.

Positive and negative.

The tunes below are funny, sorry they are a bit crude and Dappy…… in balance love is tied to truth like unhappy conjoined twins… needs the other to exist….. S was my alpha….but not the omega…..much more I should have done, but never knew how…….From every negative there is a positive…….just have to find it.


~ by Duma Key on September 22, 2014.

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