September 11th

Today marks the anniversary of that fateful day when hundreds of life’s were lost in the wilful destruction of the world  trade centres.

Hundreds of people got up that morning, drank coffee, said goodbye to loved ones to go about their daily business unaware of the catastrophic events that day would play out.

Such a needless loss of life that changed the world forever.

Years later, just how far have we actually come?

The innocent lives lost on both sides of this equation must not be in vain.

Scanning through my Facebook feed, I am alarmed at the number of videos, updates and comments that now seem to dominate the internet regarding extremism both from a non-Islamic stance and an Islamic stance.

World news is dominated by the beheading of real people, with real lives all in the name of some kind of religious stance.

Death and murder in any language, race, or creed is unacceptable and more so in the name of the name of religious freedom, yet over the years time and time again we have killed in the name of some God or other.

This has to stop, surely by now we have learnt?

Who is right? Who is wrong? Who cares? It’s the pointless loss of innocent life’s that MUST stop.

This is the lesson we must learn.

The news this morning announces that the “Leaders of the world” will take the fight to the militants and no doubt the militants will bring the fight to them, the result being more loss of innocent life to gain what?

In the end we are all dead, but it’s between the start and the end that we must find a better way to live.

It’s hard to know what exactly this fighting is all about, everything is tinted by interpretation, the videos uploaded to Facebook, the internet, social media is all geared towards what we a supposed to believe by the view of those that post.

The first flaw in this argument is how much of the situation is being ruled by interpretation and not real time understanding of actual facts, thus jumping on a band wagon going no where, creating a storm?

Why are these people really fighting in the first place?

I saw a video the other day showing an Islamic protest in the UK but I couldn’t help but wonder how edited this video was? I mean it showed several very loud individuals, spouting extreme ideas about Islamic law being the only law, but is that the view of all or just a few?

So stripping away the differing sides and differing views, let’s get back to basics.

The Bible lays down 10 commandments, a code by which to live by and I am quite sure all religious texts will contain a similar code of conduct after all “God is good.”

“Thou shalt not kill.”

So where does it say the UK military can kill? or a group of idealists can remove a persons head?

Through the power of politics and idealism innocent life’s are once more lost.

This is the point, no one individual, no group or social system has the right to take a life. the needless killing must end, we must find a better way. History itself dictates this is not the right way.

The lives of all those innocent Americans, Afghans, Iraqis etc, etc, must not be lost in vain, we need to learn and find a better way.

Step aside the academic ideals that taint the religious texts and our understanding of them and read the true word, where does it say it’s ok to war? To kill? To maim and destroy each other in the name of God?

It’s our interpretation of the text that taints the word, twists the meaning till the purity is gone and we are left with a darkened version of a lost truth.

Take a book, if I read it I can find a whole hidden world lost. In the words, if you read it you can find something different, both views very different from what the author and creator originally intended and so interpretation kicks in.

Religious texts were drawn up for a primitive people the word was simply the word, yet for millions of years we have interpreted religious texts to justify our own bad behaviour.

The texts teach us to love, to care, to understand and to evolve as people of light.

So there has to be a better way, we know deep down inside our current stance is wrong, let’s find a way through understanding and love, through hope and the reality of the word to move forwards, let’s not let another year pass and more innocent life’s be lost in vain.

Through all the innocent life’s already lost, regardless of creed or location let us find a better way to advance, embrace, learn and love so their light guides and becomes a beacon of hope not just for today but for tomorrow and ever onwards, so this tragic loss of life my not be in vain.

~ by Duma Key on September 11, 2014.

3 Responses to “September 11th”

  1. Yes far too many innocent lives have and are being lost .. for a few mindless inhumane individuals, that do not represent their culture or creed..
    It;s sad, and gets sadder every day..

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