Gone fishing…….!

The sign above the door reads “out for lunch….gone fishing” I have been absent for a while, may be even absent my whole life, I am out for lunch and fishing for thoughts.

Lost in my own mortality writing my immortality, it’s through the words one lives forever, long after the heart stops beating, the words spin on.

The future eats away the past, it’s ever evolving, unknown in nature, form or kind, it is the future that will be here long after we have gone, a vast expanding landscape, ever growing, reclaiming back that which we took.

I am building a patchwork of words, a mix and match of thoughts……and sometimes I don’t even want to be alone with my own thoughts.

It’s dark in here, isolated, lost, alone in the deep recess of my own mind, but that’s ok, there is something I missed, in all the paper years, in all the paper towns with all the paper girls and all the paper people.

There is the grass and all it’s roots, it’s depth and clarity it eats, yet it feeds and springs forth new life, then there is the strings fragile yet beautiful, too easily broken, unlike the grass, once gone it’s gone, between all sits something I missed, once upon a time, in a paper world with a paper girl and some paper kids.

It’s in that place that linger now, like Lectors thought palace, inside yet out, something I must find here, something I missed even though I don’t feel safe in my own skin, I must stay and find the answers.

Out for lunch, gone fishing…..the sign above the door reads.

~ by Duma Key on August 5, 2014.

2 Responses to “Gone fishing…….!”

  1. You do realize this is such a good write….I loved this…so many aspects and thoughts and ideas…

    enjoy your fishing….

  2. “I am building a patchwork of words, a mix and match of thoughts……and sometimes I don’t even want to be alone with my own thoughts.”………..

    I so know this feeling Duma.. Sometimes that darkness sweeps through many a corridor around our minds. as past doors slam shut and new ones open up ever more fears and doubts…
    Sometimes the only course of action is to hang up that Sign.. ” Gone Fishing” .. I hope you find the right bait to throw into the pond as you allow the ripples to extend out. And I hope too you find that quiet spot to sit and cast out your line as your real in your thoughts… Time is spinning us into an even bigger web in which we need to free ourselves .. For even I was beginning to feel trapped..

    Sending you my thoughts and hope the Trip away does you good..
    Love And Light..

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