Random post! And a bee!

“I would like to believe all of your tears, your sadness, but I can’t get past the weight of your lies, You see you were me, and I was you”

Well the last few weeks have been uneventful in an eventful kind of way.

My last four days off became a bit of a wash out, people turning up at my house with problems and issues the only solution being beer and talk in the mid afternoon sun, a lot of things I wanted to get done, none of which happened.

Though the garden is looking good, everyone commented I am particularly happy with my hanging baskets, to say it’s the first time I have made them, they have turned out well.

I made them earlier in the year and planned on hiding them at the bottom of the garden in case they looked lame, but they have turned out well, I will post some pictures later in the week!

I need to make these next four days off count, my training has been slack and I wasted my last four days of in the sun doing nothing but listening to my friends and talking through there issues. There seems to be too many issues in the world.

I had planned a gym session this morning but seems I am now out for lunch with another friend and another friend has me an early release of “The Last of Us” on PS4′ so my evening involves a world where time has moved on and nature takes back that which we stole.

A Bee found it’s way into my shoe the other day bee stings on the feet are not pleasant, I would not recommend this to anyone lol.


~ by Duma Key on July 30, 2014.

2 Responses to “Random post! And a bee!”

  1. Sorry about your bee sting…gosh its been years since I have been stung…but they seem to be quite heavy this summer….nests all around our yard…

    As for hanging out getting nothing done…I figure…housework and errands will always be there….being with friends and family and “issues” are what is important…
    course beer on a hot summer day is good too….lol

  2. Ouch to the Bee sting Duma,, strange how life moves on.. And how people use our shoulders, your shoulder I see is probably damp .. and then time for our needs just seem to slip on by.. I am happy your garden is flourishing and that your gardening and cooking skills are appreciated..
    I hope August has also been a good month for you .. and wonder how many fish you caught! 🙂
    Take care of yourself Duma.. Love and Blessings
    Sue xox

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