Time in normal land….and a stolen day!

Been an odd couple of weeks, for various reasons I have had to join the normals and work during daylight hours, I forgot how crazy that was, yesterday stealing mouthfuls of a sandwich, between calls from the mobile or the office phone, I couldn’t help but wonder when the world went mad.

It’s crazy, crazy none stop and all for what?

Between everything else, I have been manic busy, so today I am stealing a day for myself and somehow I feel a little selfish in so doing. Yet even though this is my day, I have found myself cleaning, washing, doing odd bits in the garden and not really having me time.

It’s struck me today, how often I forget about me, putting more and more before my own needs or thoughts then running round like a madman trying to sort my own things between everything else, I really need to take more time for me.

Right now I am sat in the garden, enjoying the sun and a few beers contemplating life. It’s seems everybody wants something and even the simple things get more and more complex…..and what do I want from life?

To get better at living, to get better as a person, to make it less complex and more about doing it right less of I and more of us.

The world is unjust, life is difficult, it was never meant to be this way, we have made it this way, but we can make it better by doing it right.

Now to enjoy the last of the sun for the day and the last of my beers for a while.

To end have you ever noticed how a fly gets in the smallest of open windows…..but can’t find the widest of doors to leave by? Annoying!!!! Lol


~ by Duma Key on June 25, 2014.

2 Responses to “Time in normal land….and a stolen day!”

  1. Laughed at the fly comment…..so true….and glad you did have a day to enjoy yourself….you seem to be very busy these days…sometime you need that time for your own needs….and I think you are finding your way Duma….

    • Was nice just having a little me time, though I think I over did the beer a little, heavy head in the morning!
      The fly thing has to be the most annoying thing in the world! But I guess they are not used to houses, windows and doors…..these came as we “advanced”

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