Two toddlers a baby and a “responsible adult”

Yesterday was babysitting duty! My friend is overly tired and since I was having my nephews anyway, it made sense for her to sleep a while.

Three very small children, yet three very different people, makes one wonder about nature / nurture! I bought my nephews now toys, J a kind of flying aeroplane thing and L a remote control car.

They were both over excited by new toys, though J the older of the two, was a little perplexed, he came to me and quite innocently asked…….”Uncle D, is it my birthday ?” That pure innocence.

J is the eldest of the two, sharing is his downfall at the minute, something he is not used too, so everything he has is his, and everything L has he thinks is his. My sister and brother in law have been working on that. J wanted to play with L’s car so he asked L if he would like to play with the aeroplane so he could play with the car. That made me smile, despite our own horrific childhood, my sister with her husband have got it right and J has learnt the right way how to do things, no violence, no hurt, just gentle coaching.

Little L was fascinated by the fact the car moved, even though he was not touching it, he is learning words at the min, the first time I used the control to move the car….L just stood laughing and pointing “dat….dat…dat” then chased it before it could escape, bringing it back…..”again” I asked….. “Gain….gain…gain” I love the innocence of childhood play.

Planes and cars, childhood laughter, bedtime approaches. 3 very different children, 3 very different routines, first the baby a feed a change of nappy and some gentle nursing, out like a light, result!

Next little L, a change of nappy, PJ’s some warm milk and a cuddle in another room till he slept in my arms and I could slip him in the cot.

Next little J. As I announced it was bed time he looked at me and said ….”don’t be silly uncle D, I am watching power rangers” as uncles are fun I let that ride, we sat cuddled and watched power rangers, then toilet, teeth clean and PJ’s followed by story time, J picked the first book, “sir stinky socks” I picked the second Dr Seuss, a personal favourite and as a compromise I agreed one more… which J brought the entire Thomas the Tank Engine collection…..yep all 600 and odd pages….. Nice try kiddo! So we read one story and then it was “talk time” so we discussed superheroes, the solar system and the moon before he finally dropped off.

Then down stairs after checking both L and the baby were still breathing….yep I actually did that…lol! Quick clean up, toys away rooms straight, coffee, before baby wakes for food.

11:30pm my friend finally wakes…..coming down shocked by three sleeping children and the fact I let her sleep so long. I explained that was clever play so I can sleep with no night feeds! Ha

Still 4am as the baby stirred she came down to find me in the kitchen feeding baby, so she could rest, sometimes it’s the little things we do for others that matter.

Suddenly I am the responsible adult, when did that happen?

When the mass exodus of the morning happened, nephews gone, friend and baby home, I suddenly realised I need new trainers, in fact it’s been nearly a year and a half since I last bought new clothes, I stopped caring about me….whilst I sorted the train crash that crazy girl left, in my mind I forgot about me.

May be I have started to heal my mind, make myself a better person but I forgot the physical….so £900 later I have a ton of new clothes and new trainers that I like!

The point….first time in a long time I feel back in control of my life, not play acting….as I sorted the children and do what needs to be done for my friend, I have kind of started to find a whole in me.


~ by Duma Key on June 22, 2014.

4 Responses to “Two toddlers a baby and a “responsible adult””

  1. I am smiling SO hard! I just love you (thought you should know)


  2. this made me smile also…..such a heart you have…truly

    • sometimes we have to look out for those that matter, try to balance injustice, with something more and try to give back. Thank you for your thought print.

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