Hanging baskets and sun!

Late afternoon sun shine, the temperature rises and it feels like summer.

Ideally I should be inside writing this, but instead struggling to see the screen, I sit in the silence of the sun.

I made hanging baskets, what has my life become? Though I am impressed at how they have turned out!



So peaceful here, no sounds other than the birds and the water flowing from the angel, just a simple moment in the ever passing sands of time.

Ice cold beer on the table beside me and the world can pause for a while.

Strange how the sun makes everything for a moment seem that much brighter.

Time to enjoy my beer and the sun while it lasts.

My parting thought, take some time to stop and really see, see the things that matter beyond those that don’t, even the weeds look beautiful if seen the right way.


~ by Duma Key on June 18, 2014.

2 Responses to “Hanging baskets and sun!”

  1. The baskets look very nice….however even in the sun…my weeds dont look so good…lol

    • I cant believe I actually made hanging baskets, but am impressed at how they have come on!

      The weeds in my drive dont look good either, a tad annoying as they seem to be immune to the weedkiller I put down!

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