Angry birds!



Angry birds I have played the game, just never seen angry birds!

I inherited a bird feeding thing when I got this place and have taken to feeding the birds, mainly because it’s there.

So much on this week, I forgot to fill the tubes….sat in the conservatory and a group of birds flew down looking for food, when they found none, they knocked the feeder off!

How rude!

There is no rose with out at throne, no sunshine with out rain, no wisdom with out age…where is it written into stone that a child should walk alone? How many rivers must we cross before we learn the bridges have all been blown? It’s another piece of me it’s another piece of you sure as the pouring rain! Who is going to stop the rain? When the faces have no name, if no one try’s to end the pain?

Change is pressing hard, I feel it’s beat on the street, unrest, unease even the law agency struggle with this one…….clearly the birds feel it……!


~ by Duma Key on June 17, 2014.

5 Responses to “Angry birds!”

  1. Change found me today my friend. It hurt really bad. I also feed the birds – I make this ‘bird ball’ out of seeds/bacon fat/lard/peanut butter – my birds get SUPER pissed off if I don’t keep it coming…

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