Happy ever after??? Once up one a time……….


Something very liberating about about beating the life out of a punch bag, and that’s how my day started, marathon gym session.

Then the morning with my friend, cleaning house, which with a baby in tow is not that easy! But I needed to ensure she at least could feel a little happier in her house, she hates it there, alone and lost.

I hate the way he has done that to her, the way she doubts herself, the way he has chosen to play her, what is wrong with people? Ok come along, do your things but don’t destroy the person.

I kind of wish I could steal away her pain, the hurt and heartbreak. I can deal with that shit, cold and hard, water off a ducks back, she is too innocent yet all I can do is shelter her from the storm and hope that my actions make it a little easier.

Father’s Day yesterday in the UK, I had just finished work, spent most of the day with her as I knew it would be hard, she faces the very real prospect of her baby growing with out its Dad. I needed sleep but to balance her needs were greater. I just don’t understand how anyone walks away from an innocent life created?

We cleared out the remains of his things and I opted to go home as he comes to collect and “talk” may be he will step up.

Later still, few beers and some heavy rock, she calls…….never wanted to see the baby or to talk, collected his things and gone! Another cut, glad I opted to go home, not sure I could have let him walk…she was hoping for a happy ever after.

And it’s that happy ever after that is our end……..!


~ by Duma Key on June 16, 2014.

One Response to “Happy ever after??? Once up one a time……….”

  1. Have been on vacation here so have been trying to catch up…smiles….seems you are still sharing your heart I see….I am glad you are there for your friend…

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