A book, a TV show some rain and a girl called Alice!


Today it has pretty much rained most of the day, but that’s ok, as I slept through most of it anyway.

This morning after work as the sky cried her endless tears, I found myself in an unprecedented state of melancholy, not sure if it was just the tiredness, the rain or the reflections I was having on Alice.

I came in from work, flipped through the TV channels and found Jeremy Kyle. Well I didn’t literally find Jeremy Kyle, as that would imply he was lost and I don’t think he was!

May be he is, may be we all are, but that’s a question for another day!

Not sure if you have seen this show, (well I use the term show lightly) it’s like a circus of the weird and wonderful.


A place where people come to dispel their troubles in public, may be get answers or help. The themes seem to be consistent, normally involving drugs, infidelity and baby’s.

Adults at war, children having children and everyone taking some form of narcotic and sleeping with everyone else.

There are the crazies, there are the lost and the ones that puzzle me most, the ones who see the harsh reality of the world they are living in but hang on to the crazy, drug taking, violent, cheating partner like there will one day be a happy ever after.

Just how did life get so messed up, so much so that we can create a TV show for entertainment about the reality of this way of living. So many messed up lives and yet these life’s bring more life’s into their world and it starts to become the norm.

I have just finished reading “Go Ask Alice” and still digesting the words.


It’s a traumatic read when you start to think about it, the predominant theme being drugs, the addiction and the effects.


Drugs, legal and illegal, medication to medicate against life, the very fact this happens and so often, with so many indicates an illness with in the system itself.

Alice an every day girl by all accounts, slips into this world of drugs, life becomes easier this way.


Much sweeter to experience, to live, everything becomes more real by being less real.


The drugs form part of an escape a release, people use for different reasons but ultimately it is to shut something out, make something easier, loose the self, anything to shut out the reality of the thoughts.

But in so doing something of the self is lost, so much of life is missed, the balance gets messed up, we have to know sadness to feel happiness, we have to know pain to feel relief the eternal scales of life and nature need to balance otherwise this void opens and we no longer know or identify with who we are.


It’s not just the weird and wonderful people of the Jeremy Kyle show that take drugs, in a way so many of us do, I myself use drugs, sleeping pills to aid sleep in the day, for a while happy pills (anti-depressants ……the legal ones), I like to have a drink and I smoke, all drugs, all toxins but all aids to live.

In the beginning was this what life was about? Or was it about living? How did the scales slide so far out of balance? How did things get so messed up that the true purpose and nature of life has become lost?

If we need to medicate, legal or illegal to manage something, then our bodies and our minds are telling us there is something wrong, nature is highlighting a fault, should we not then try to fix it?

When a warning light comes on in the car saying the engine is ill, we don’t make little curtains to cover it up so we can’t see it, create the illusion it’s all well, no we take it to a garage and get it fixed before the whole thing breaks down!

The very fact there is a need for drugs, legal and illegal to cope with life, the very fact the Jeremy Kyle show exists and the fact Alice left a diary for us to read all of which, red warning lights on the dashboard of life, perhaps it’s time to pause, slow it down and get it fixed, listen to the pasts long heartbeat and find a better way.



~ by Duma Key on May 29, 2014.

4 Responses to “A book, a TV show some rain and a girl called Alice!”

  1. I pretty much lost my brother to the world of drugs…he is alive but in prison and we havent spoken in years…but I know how it can affect a persons life and all those around them…

    I take only meds for my menopause coz hormones are a bitch and then I take for my thyroid but otherwise…I like to live…each day and each moment…

    I do laugh when I watch those talk shows…I sometimes cannot believe the stories they share with the world on those…I would be embarassed to let the world know stories of my personal life….they must pay them….dont ya think?

    • They pay them or round them up at a zoo, as some of the people are just so of the scale it can not possibly be real, but they also do some good!
      Drugs is a bad world……like a cancer that eats at life, seen a lot of people lost in that path, sorry your brother has been effected by that world….seen a lot of good people lost.
      The fact Alice wrote a diary, a very real diary creates an understanding one of the best things I have read in a while…..just the reality burns!

  2. ” perhaps it’s time to pause, slow it down and get it fixed, listen to the pasts long heartbeat and find a better way.”………… Oh Yes Duma… The Human Race is in need of Fixing.. and the only ‘Fix’ they really need is right inside their hearts! …
    Enjoy your weekend

    • Your comments and your thoughts always bring a light, true we need to fix our hearts……that’s lost these days in a race for what?

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