Rain, life and words!



It’s days like this I am glad I spent the night at the office and get to sleep all day!

So what’s happened to summer? Reminds me of a summer not so long ago, with a friend that never was a friend, though even in the rain there was the sun.

If we could change time, go back and rewrite the pages, would we? If life was a book we could edit, could we really find a happy ever after? With out the bad times could we really appreciate the happy times?

With out the rain do we really appreciate the sun?

I used to live and want to rewrite my life, now I try to live so I don’t need to rewrite my life, so in everything I do, I do it better than I once did, I had to see the rain to find the sun.

I was a shadow, a mask that changed, I grew in darkness that was all I knew. I guess I will never be main stream normal, I find the stupid rules, the ideology crazy, but I can adapt to make it work and at least I am real, being me.
Still today I am not who I was, nor who I am, still finding my way.

Some rainy day thoughts.


~ by Duma Key on May 28, 2014.

7 Responses to “Rain, life and words!”

  1. You grew in darkness~~ Yes and you are still growing reaching up for the Sun… and we each need the rain to grow.. Upwards and forwards.. We never see the Nature growing back to earth only reaching up.. Rainy days nourish the earth.. So too does our hurts…. they strengthen us to grow past them..
    My thoughts with you this still rainy evening

    • And still it rains…… Something reflective in rain as we seek shelter, we also seek refuge in ourselves as much as the rain nourishes the earth it also seems to feed our thoughts, washing out minds and flushing the darkness away, if we pause and reflect, let it in a while.
      Though I am hoping this rain eases soon and the warmth of summer sun begins to burn.

      Thank your for your thought print.

      • Yes the rain has that effect, Have you considered then, given that thought .. The amount of rain we have had ALL over the World, and the amount of flooding? I think Nature knows what she is doing… as she cleanses, cleans, and replenishes while we the human race reflect upon her power…
        Yes 3 days and nights constant rain here too.. And our allotments are crying out now for some Sun.. xox 🙂

      • But even in the rain we grow….needed the rain to grow my mind…..we never stop! Kind of funny that! But we do need to take notice as she is becoming more aggressive in her fight, passive aggressive but nature is warning us……when you look…….she is telling us we have it wrong………very very wrong!

      • Yes, she is.. and also she has all the time ‘in the world’ to rectify the damage we are doing… We must be like irritating parasites upon her back .. She is washing us off… as well as waking us up.. 🙂

  2. Just waves as I enjoy your rainy day thoughts….glad to see you have grown…so now….go out and play in those little rain storms…funny how refreshing it is….

  3. Ha too much rain at the min…..apparently Sunday we can expect hail the size of golf balls…….the cars are going in the garage…..just to be safe lol

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