Sunday afternoon thoughts.

First Sunday I have had free in an age, instead of a lay in, I am up at stupid o’clock preparing dinner.





I decided to have some friends over for diner, been a while since I have last had the time to do this and it’s somewhat ironic that I have slipped unannounced into the world of normality.

One time a Sunday afternoon, would have been me and the crew, down the pub, beers, pool and most likely a good fight.

Today it is some of the same faces, just changed, sitting round my table enjoying home cooked Sunday lunch, the beer and wine hardly touched, water and fresh orange juice the preference for the day.

The children play contentedly in the garden, in between showers punctuated by the odd adult instruction or intervention as the behaviour slips, when they think no one is watching.

Fresh ground coffee flows and we are having everyday normal adult conversation, what happened to the bad boys that used to rip up the town?or the girls in short skirts, that caught our eyes? That chase to bed one just because we could?

All in all though been an enjoyable afternoon, the lunch that took 4 hours to prepare and cook, devoured in minutes a pile of washing up to take its place. No all day bender for us as the afternoon ends when the kids begin to tire.

Is this normality? Is this what I sought for all those years? Food for thought.


~ by Duma Key on May 25, 2014.

6 Responses to “Sunday afternoon thoughts.”

  1. That roast lamb looked to be a promising Sunday Lunch And πŸ™‚ Big smiles… I love you Sunday thoughts.. and love the orange juice and water… Yes… me thinks your Sundays have changed big time.. Big Smiles.. πŸ™‚

    • The lamb worked well, always tricky to get it just right and we had beef as well! Though I need not have bothered buying wine and beer, I now still have a fridge full!
      Funny how life changes, how we change as we grow.

      • All for the better.. πŸ™‚ and yes we change as we grow.. Growing and changing come hand in hand…. Its the stuck patches that are hard to push through while we are growing.. But like those weeds who push their way through tarmac.. We are stronger than we think as we reach up to the light πŸ™‚
        Enjoy the rest of your week Duma..

      • Ha how right you have it! The stuck patches…..guess that’s where I have been….but I needed that to find the balance ! Blooming weeds growing through the patio (old area) and drive…..never ending battle….but I like the way nature wins…..all part of me….so I spray the drive…..and the weeds come back….as we do as people……energy….life…..the reality of living!

      • Yes Duma, the reality of living is that even Weeds have purpose… and its only we as Humans who have named them weeds, because they show up in places we don’t want them too.. Very much like society… We label and control, allowing parts to thrive while over history we have our culling so they do not get to abundant… Just think deeper at this.. ..
        Man sprays even now… Look up Chemtrails.. .. This world is just opening its eyes to its own reality! …. This is why we are kept in Fear… Fear is what keeps control… and if we do not do as we are told……….. Well……. you get the idea.. πŸ™‚

  2. wow….looked good….

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