Words and books…..adventure and fun.


I have been reading around WordPress a lot of new blogs (when I say new, I mean new to me), and one reoccurring theme that grabs my interest is books and reading.

Books have always been a big part of my life, I have hundreds of books, I love to read, I love the freedom of reading, the escape and the way over time, the words change, the meanings change, you get more from a book as time goes by.

A world with out books would be a very dull place, something magical about getting lost in the pages of a book, in another world another place, exploring the imagination of another.

Books help change you, open your mind as you engage the characters, their world and their perception. I have walked the streets of Kings Landing, flown on dragons, worn my people hunting hat, dinned with pigs in the farm house, drank coffee in the heart of Paris listening to old music feeling a strange nausea spinning from the world around me, climbed the ladder to the land of dreams and gone down the slippery slip drenched in washer women’s water, and how can we forget saucepan man and Moonface? Legends from our childhood.

So many different worlds, so many different views have I experienced, living a thousand life’s from the pages of a book. Nights I have laid in bed unable to put down my book, just one more page, then another and another, gripped by the words lost in the pages. In one life time I have lived a thousand lives.

Even when the book is ended, the words are finished the story still goes on, playing inside my head a whole other world! a secret world. As I meet new characters, new people, new books, I begin a journey, never knowing where it will take me, or change me.

The characters themselves shape me, perhaps I am a make up of all the different people I have met in the land of words. Who did not want to be Holden Caulfield? May be the complexity of my thoughts is a mix match of all the different realities I have seen and lived, through the words I read.

I love the way even the unbelievable is believable in the land of words and the way reality can be shifted manipulated, twisted and changed, through reading it helps me see a different view of the world and how lessons can be learnt from the morals of the words.

There are easy reads and hard reads, there are passages that jump out and grab you by the throat, freeze you to the spot and you have to just pause, breath and take it in. I recall one such passage from The Book Thief, where even death is appalled by the callousness of humanity and his to wipe away a tear. (By the way if you have never read The Book Thief, I would strongly recommend it).

The power of a good book the feelings and emotions they conjure, is breathtaking. The places I have been the people I have met, all become a part of me, a part of my world and the reality I see.

A world with out books would be a very dark and lonely place indeed.

Four days off work and the sun now ends as rain slips in, I plan on down time lost in the pages of a book, I am off to visit some far off place, to an adventure as of yet unknown.

My thoughts for the evening

Grab a book and read……..



~ by Duma Key on May 22, 2014.

13 Responses to “Words and books…..adventure and fun.”

  1. how beautifully put. you can live a thousand lives in one through reading

    • Live a thousand lives, visit the most far off exotic places, lives and places we may never see, but through the words we kind of do!
      Thanks for your thought print!

  2. I love reading also even though these days I dont have as much time for it…I love watching my daughter enjoy reading too….it is a great escape…I even joined a book club for a time…I enjoyed sitting around with great women and discussing different topics…

    anyways…enjoy your days off….hopefully the weather is beautiful and you can sit outside and read a bit…

    • Don’t the book clubs involve lots of wine as well? Lol.
      Great your daughter likes to read, so many children these days never pick up a book, sad to think what they are missing out on…… Whole world of adventure!
      Reading is the one thing I always try and make space for even just half hour before bed!

      I hope the show went well by the way!

  3. Books have been my companion throughout my entire life Duma.. Your words here echo my own sentiments… We are transported to so many different worlds, becoming embroiled within the emotions of the hero’s and heroins .. gripped in their stories laughing, and crying… as we open up the world of words..

    Books were my escape as a child, I would sit in school breaks on my own, often the loner, the quiet one.. but secretly I would be so much more!..

    Enjoy your 4 days break and I wish you joy in your adventures within the pages of your chapters.. πŸ™‚

    ~Blessings Sue

    • Books for me too were a way of escaping the darkness that was my childhood, while the house was trashed the violence scaled I escaped into the land of dreams, ran with Moonface and saucepan man, drank ginger beer with the famous five, solving puzzles getting into danger.
      I love that escape, right now I am searching out banned and previously banned books, things that will help expand my thoughts, raise my consciousness an alternative slant, GO ASK ALICE, my choice for the weekend already her diary has me gripped.

      Tranquility runs these days after so many years apart my brothers, sister and I bond close and deep, the children, my sisters children a focal point, the horrors we saw they will never see, correcting the mistakes of yesterday in the generation of tomorrow we live we learn and books too will be a part of there world.

      • I so relate.. My parents fought all the time and life behind closed doors even in a small village were not what people saw outside..
        I was on anti depressants age 14… I was the eldest of 5 siblings.. and was called the Little Mother by an aunt… oh I could tell you some stories too… But Books were my escape that and walking the hills and valleys! πŸ™‚

      • Ha I can relate to that, eldest of 4 and the one that looked out for them, unwinding the things I shut off in my mind, going back to go forwards!

      • Yes, me too… I had a poor relationship with my mother who showed me the door when I was 18 .. over a cheese sandwich.. lol…. Long long story.. but hey… We are survivors… πŸ™‚ And the Key is not living in the past but learning from its lessons.. πŸ˜‰ xxx

      • We learn and we build, ironic the one place I spent my life running from I end up back in! The mother figure is about but it’s different now and I think she holds regret, always worried me that I too would make the same mistakes, violence was the only thing I knew, I shut out feeling and emotion and now like a child I have to relearn, “S” was the lesson I had to learn…some higher force brought me back here and a special light led the way, connections….links more to this world than we see……thank you for your thoughts, comments and support means a lot…sometimes just a random comment on a blog some time in the past can change so much! Life is odd but amazing at the same time I like the light you show and if I can become half as bright as you are I have achieved something….now Alice calls and I need to read her words and bring her back to life in my mind!

      • Enjoy Alice my friend and Many thanks for your comments and communication…. The Road you are now upon is full of Light … πŸ˜‰ xxx Have a wonderful weekend Duma..

  4. You’ve said everything. πŸ™‚
    I adore books; I’ve gained so much from them that I wonder how those who do not read fare…

    • A world with out books must be dark, yet some seem to like it that way! I just love the escape.
      Thank you for your thought print.

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