Beer and a film ….some thoughts!

Another long day yesterday, I really must learn to say no occasionally! Upon arrival home, early evening sun streaming through the conservatory glass, I decided that beer, film and a take away would be my plan for the evening.

Scrolling through the various internet sites that I use to stream, I came upon a new film “The son of God” so this was my choice for the evening, very enjoyable thought provoking film about “The Son of God”

Got me thinking about God, life and the world.

I guess I would say that ” God” has always been a part of my life a factor, perhaps not in the tradition sense, or in a way perhaps defined by the rules of the dominating religious institutions, but I have never doubted that God exists, a world with out God, I just could not imagine.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am far from your average bible bashing Christian, in fact I am a long long way from your normal God fearing Christian, take a look through the pages of my life some pretty shocking and horrific choices.

But never the less, too me, God exists, some may look at science, others, other definitions but to me the world is too perfect, works too well, to have just magically appeared from a ball of gas or other such rubbish. There has to be more to it.

There are times when I have felt a higher presence, just known, in a not so crazy as I sound right now way, that there is something more, something that I as of yet do not understand.

So anyway, that established the point to my blog.

Long, long ago, right at the beginning, God walked amongst us a clear and visible presence, he knew his people and his people knew him we all were at one with both creator and nature.

It’s hard to imagine now God in his pure form walking amongst us, our systems would want to capture it, cut it open, science would want to disprove it…..humanity’s arrogance knows no bounds.

Time passed our intellect grew we grew, perhaps all part of the greater plan. Society evolved and into this chaos, God sent his son. This was perhaps the only way humanity could now understand, relate and learn.

What I found ironic, is this pure and blessed person, the son of God, was actually taken apart, judged and destroyed by the very people who should have welcomed him with open arms, learnt from him.

The honest men of God instead imposed there rather pompous academic views, there interpretation over the will of God, destroying what was in fact truth.

Yet still today we do this, there is an over complication in the understanding of God, a whole barrage of doctrines all professing to be right, all judging and condemning the other, and the crazy thing is what is lost in this mess is TRUTH, the one thing religion was there to do.

Years and years of religious wars, all fighting for a God, all demanding and exploiting from the people of God, all in effect putting themselves above God.

How then could I subscribe to a religion? How then do I know the truth, how does anybody? Where the word exists it’s open to interpretation and conflict.

Even today we destroy each other in the name of God.

To me God is love, my relationship with God is personal and it’s love, it’s learning to become better in the right ways.

If the son of God returned today, can you imagine the even more ingenious ways we would come up with to make him suffer? Destroy his thoughts, his words, in the name of religion ?

Watching the end of the film and my some what flimsy knowledge of the Bible, not just content with death, they had to torture and destroy him and took delight in so doing, we as humans have this inept ability to create pain for others and relish in making it worse.

Once God walked his earth, now we destroy it……is it just me or has something got very fucked up very fast here!

Where is the love? The peace and the harmony that comes from good?

Anyway some thoughts, I enjoyed the film but regretted the beer this morning!

~ by Duma Key on May 13, 2014.

4 Responses to “Beer and a film ….some thoughts!”

  1. I love your thinking here Duma.. Yes if the Son of God came via say a space ship today and declared to have come to save us from ourselves.. We would shoot to kill and ask questions later.. Such is our separation from Love..
    We were given Free Will and our paths have lead us far away from the love and care of our fellow human brother’s and sister’s… Now we pull each others religion apart..
    Man made religion.. God Is LOVE.. there-in is the difference… We have strayed far from the path of Loving one another and treating each other as we would wish to be treated.. Now we condemn one another, blame one another and persecute one another..

    I know God’s intention was never to create a world we have made it to be.. That’s why I think the experiment here is almost over.. Unless we each start to once again learn to embrace love..

    I once read a book by Paul Lowe, called the Experiment is Over.. it was a chanelled book.. I read back in the late 80’s I think.. or early 90’s, I gave my copy away.. At the time I couldn’t digest it.. for it was saying how we had been an experiential seeding and how we were failing… I now see much more of its meaning… As we fail each other…

    Great thoughts.. and I hope the head has now eased? 😉

    • Religion in its domain, like society, has lost its real meaning and become so far lost in its rules, it’s interpretation that the real meaning is forgotten.
      Ha I can just see the son of God now landing on earth, wouldn’t fit the domain religious, social or political ideology so would need removing, must preserve the values….in the interest of….hmmmm whom …….?
      Love, bonding fellowship, harmony peace, these are the only terms one needs to understand God and religion, I believe in God but that does not compel me to wire myself up and blow up an airport or something daft like that.
      Science spends to long trying to disprove good, that if it stopped and looked the other way, it would find it works hand in hand with God.
      We are all products of the earth and I don’t see the earth destroying its self, just a bunch of people doing it all by themselves.

      If we lived in a small spaceship, that was our life support…..floating in space, we would think ourselves crazy if we started stripping and destroying the ship…..we just wouldn’t do it…….!

      I fail to see how any slant on God can lead to war, or hate, pain or persecution …….yet somehow it does……surely then it has to be our understanding and interpretation that is wrong?

      • Yes its been taken and distorted by Man for his own gains and control Duma.. God is part of in in everything.. We need no building, to worship in.. We only need our hearts to open up and that is all it takes… Each religion has its own rules.. Yet the only rule which is supposed to be at the core of them all is LOVE.. Yet Love is so often twisted to conformity of Man’s own interpretation of what he should and should not love…

  2. Ps the head as eased, not sure how I functioned drinking pretty much all the time like once I did!

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