Difficult dilemma ……..

So I was awake at a stupid hour this morning, laying in bed, listening to the rain as it beat down upon the conservatory, a constant drum beat like echoes of time.
My mind was racing, trying to figure something out, it’s hard to find the right thing to do, when everything in life is subjective, open to interpretation. Navigating seas like this brings about dangerous times.

It’s not so easy anymore, to just walk away, not so easy to forget, like once it was, how to decide the best way forward, how to figure out the right thing to do.

There is on the one hand, what I want, but then that brings about selfish need and so needs further consideration, there is what I consider best, but then is that best. There is also the third party to consider.

Depending on where you stand changes how you see. Even my friends are divided.

Something’s from the past perhaps should stay buried, but in so doing this could effect the future and spin to lines beyond. Yet going back could make things worse.

How to find a path, when the landscape changes, how to know what is the right thing to do, when everything is subjective.

No “yes or no” answer, no book or rule to define, just the subjective matter in hand and what to do for the best.

What I do has to be pure, and for the right reason, I can not afford to allow emotion of my own need to cloud my judgment.

Life’s and future happiness in the palms of or hands, should never be taken lightly.

The rain pours down, life moves on around me as I sit and ponder, mistakes once made washed away in the need of the moment, lost in the pouring rains of here and now, right and wrong constant reminders of our own humanity.


~ by Duma Key on May 10, 2014.

3 Responses to “Difficult dilemma ……..”

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  2. woww!!

  3. You said! “What I do has to be pure, and for the right reason, I can not afford to allow emotion of my own need to cloud my judgement.”.

    Now… lets see…. whose life is this?… yours or someone else’s?…

    Whose Happiness is the most important? Yours or someone else’s… ?

    You sacrificed yourself in the past.. Picking up the past is never a good idea…. But learning from it is…
    Moving forward in the future, now that’s good!… but its even better if we do it for all the right reasons…

    Sometimes Duma we have to be a little selfish in life too…. we have to follow what is deep within us… We have a barometer inside each of us guiding us.. Its called our intuition..
    Use it my friend… stop thinking on it too deeply..

    Use your Dream-Time… ask a question before going to sleep, and ask your higherself to reveal an answer.. be ready with notepad and pen at your beside and record your thoughts/dreams upon waking..
    Trust in your higher self to lead you to making your correct decision!..

    Know it will lead you through your difficult dilemma..

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