Facebook feed and REAL people.

“Real is not that someone standing beside you through your celebrations and your drama in life, real is that someone who stands beside you when you hit rock bottom” – Quote taken from my face book news feed.

Scrolling through my Facebook news feed, normally full of doom and gloom and this popped up, wise words that got me thinking.

People come and go from our lives, it’s a sad fact, but let’s face it, these things happen. How many of the people in our lives can we count on to be at our sides when we hit rock bottom? I would like to think that I would be the one standing beside any of my close friends should they ever need that.

I categorise the people in my life, there are those I know, those I used to know, the fair weather friends and the few who add value to my life.

The people I know are those I pass in life, some on my Facebook, others just people I come into contact with, talk is mainly superficial lost in the land of the perpetually flowering cliche, though I know these people I don’t really know them, though occasionally someone pops up and moves to the added value category.

The people I used to know, that’s a hard one often still linked via Facebook or Skype, the odd text, people once a part of my life. Others in this category are people I no longer speak with, some of these for various reasons, are people I choose to stay away from, those who present one thing but often are another, there are few of these, but they exist, shadows in the valley of light. Others though we do not speak should the rain come, I would do what I could. Rare I ever close a door.

Then there are those fair weather friends, the ones there for the good times, the party’s and fun, gone at the first sign of trouble, they stay in my life because they present themselves as nothing other than a fair weather friends, no mask no secret and no pretence.

Then there are my close friends, these are few but people who no matter what I am there for and vice versa, these people have seen the good and the bad, they know me and I them, we talk often or sometimes not for ages, but still our bond holds, these are the people that could do the most damage, cause the most pain, these are the people I trust.

I have made mistakes with close friends there are a few I simply had to walk away from, they came with masks and an agenda, out for what they could get with out a care for my thoughts or feelings. It takes a massive amount of pissing me off to get dropped from this category time and time again, I forgive, give second chances.

With most people these days I try, try to treat them with respect, will do what I can where I can, we never know what tomorrow brings and a random act of kindness a helping hand can change a pathway that changes a life, makes a difference.

The people that are close to me know that no matter what I will always stand by there sides, there are times in there life’s when they have needed me and times when I have needed them, but then that’s what’s life’s about. Sometimes I go over and above and always try, may be I get it wrong the purity of the intention always over rides.

Mad times we live in, mad people about us but love patience and understanding has to be the way to go, a rose never flowers through hate or in darkness, but in love and in light.

My thoughts for the day!

~ by Duma Key on May 9, 2014.

11 Responses to “Facebook feed and REAL people.”

  1. In love and in light my friend – thank you for always checking, and for caring.

    *hug* (one day – my goal would be to give that in person)

    Be well friend Duma.

    Love n’ stuff,

  2. Uh what goes on here with the gravatars? I just commented and was called ‘false’ hun – it’s just me (M.L.)

  3. It seems my long comment was not meant to post…LOL so be it.. so I will just say .. “Mad times we live in, mad people about us but love patience and understanding has to be the way to go, a rose never flowers through hate or in darkness, but in love and in light.”

    My thoughts for the day!”

    I loved your thoughts for the day… And just know ALL kinds of people come into our lives for one reason or another.. You are seeing much,, and even the most beautiful Rose has its thorns.. 😉 xx

    • The thorns themselves are still part of the beauty of the rose, we just have to handle with more care and love, to really experience and feel the deeper inner beauty of the rose…..so too the thorns become a part of the whole……it is an art that nature makes. I guess Beaty can be found in everything if we look with eyes from love and not hate.

      • Yes exactly .. Love vibration brings joy and happiness Lightness of BEing… Positiveness..

        Hate brings sorrow, depression, dark thoughts.. Negative

        We need Yin and Yang.. both to keep balanced to experience.. for we cannot experience one with out the other…

    • Ha ps WordPress does that to me sometimes, just eats my comments, which is a pain when one of my deeper moments…….in fact sometimes it eats whole blog posts, may be they should try feeding it more often lol

      • LOL… yes.. maybe it was because I was dwelling on my own past.. LOL.. ( two sisters who have not spoken in over 18yrs.. now.. ) long story.. But I was trying to convey we have to see even this brought me my own growth and progression… :-)… Life is made up of many who bring us colour and teach us many a lesson…

        I remember a quote.. not word perfect and forget who by.. But it said that our biggest enemies teach us our greatest lessons in life.. I have found this to be very true!

  4. Nice thoughts and so very true….facebook does indeed bring out people from our pasts that maybe are in our past for a reason I think….I have high school friends that never were really my friends in high school but they want to be now?…sometimes its so fake to me but then again…everyone whether a large part of our life or a small part….make us who we are ….thanks for sharing

    • Lol it is a tad crazy this Facebook thing, always full of doom and gloom, or what people are having for dinner…..and off to the gym…..(looking at some of the pics though I doubt they been to a gym in a long long time….lol shhhhh) ha. But you are right the people we know, come into contact with, both good and bad, help shape us, develop us and teach us, though we may not see it at the time.

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