Crazy Messed up dreams……part 2

Following on from my last post about dreams, I had another really weird dream today that kind of links in with the last!

At work and I am on the phone to a client, conversation is going well as I am relaxed back in my chair and generally at ease.
Then suddenly things change, it’s not work anymore, expect it is my office, yet the client is a random caller and I am on a “Story line” were people ring for a story to be read.
I am reading Mary Poppins dreading the part coming soon where I need to sing! Slowing the pace hoping to skip it, when the client is no longer the client but that bloody baby from the previous post.
I can’t sing the lines, the office has opened up people can see and hear, I feel myself going red, embarrassed, afraid, but I know I can let this baby down and find myself forcing myself out of my zone, and singing the lines.

So one dream seems to have linked with another, weird the feelings they generate on waking! But Mary Poppins? Couldn’t I have had something with a big bad wolf in it…..!

May be these dreams mean something, may be they mean nothing, but they seem more frequent these days.

Just thought I would share the second episode on my crazy messed up dreams…….and next time………on my crazy messed up dreams……lol


~ by Duma Key on May 8, 2014.

5 Responses to “Crazy Messed up dreams……part 2”

  1. So what is causing you in life to feel stuck.. embarrassed?.. Who can you not open up to?… Why are you afraid of embracing your Inner Child within?…. These are the thoughts which just jumped up within me..
    Who are you not opening up to… or who are you shutting out? …
    The Baby here is asking you to open your heart… and be not afraid to ‘Sing’ and not worry about what others around you think of you 🙂

    • Lol….still I could have had a story with a big bad wolf, that I can do!
      Your thoughts are always thought provoking, need to think on these things a little deeper. Thank you

      • YOu will be fine as you figure it all out Duma.. Remember we are energy beings.. we can not experience Light without the Dark… .
        What we sow is what we reap…. and what goes around comes around.. ..
        We are now seeing that globally too…
        Keep embracing Love and know all is well in your world

  2. I thought I had commented on this…I remember seeing Mary Poppins and thinking of singing just a spoonful of sugar…lol….

    • WordPress likes to eat comments sometimes, it’s even eaten a whole blog post a few times, may be they should try feeding it once in a while! Mary Poppins….ha though I have just found the DVD…….watched Saving MR Banks the other night……as much as I would never admit it…..I did enjoy it!

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