What exactly are dreams? Some premonition of things to come? A way your mind sorts it’s memory’s ? A glimpse into another word?

I have been having some rather odd dreams at the minute, ones I am finding it impossible to shake, lasting long into the day, leaving me with a strange kind of feeling.

One constant reoccurring dream, laid across my bed, bare feet out stretched and suddenly someone places a baby at my feet, I never quite see who.
It’s not a new baby, at least a few months old and it’s crying and wriggling, I am trying hard to ignore it, like it’s just not there, and still it cries.

I don’t want the baby there, I want it gone, I don’t want to hear it cry, or know it, when suddenly it reaches out and touches my feet, tickles them and giggles, in that moment, I am overwhelmed by such a powerful feeling, sweeping down and scooping it up into my arms.

Suddenly in that moment, everything’s changed and I know no matter what, that I will always love this child, always be there beside it, never faltering.

It’s that feeling of undying love, that devotion, this child that has come from somewhere unknown, now going nowhere almost a part of me.

Then I wake, disorientated with an ache inside that burns long into the day.

Then there are the dreams with in dreams, that point where you raise from one dream, to find the world distorted, someone in my room, panicking as I wake, running out, but I can’t move, I can’t shout, just paralysed, laying there, before finally I wake fully.
It’s kind of like your passing through another world when that hits, on your way back from the original world of the dream, to fully conscious reality. There is a world in between a dark, dangerous mysterious world that lays all around us, harmless until we pass through it.

“To sleep, perchance to dream, for in that sleep of death what dreams may come?”


~ by Duma Key on May 5, 2014.

4 Responses to “Dreams………..”

  1. Dreams are becoming more vivid for many right now… Even for me, .. Your dream tells me of rebirth, renewal and letting go, probably of Your vulnerability, and then your taking hold, charge, of the innocence, the baby loving and protecting..
    To me it is showing you that although on the surface you may say you do not want responsibility, Maybe its the past, letting go of the boys too … But maybe it is also saying you are ready to hold onto love again… Don’t push it away.. But see it for what it is… Embrace it.. hold it, the baby is just a symbol of the innocence of love .. learn to hold it not push away when its being given you.. ( it was laid at your feet )…
    Your feet were bare.. again showing your vulnerable side….
    :-)… You may now looking back have thought of a different interpretation to it.. πŸ™‚
    Keep writing down your dreams in a journal… come back to them later.. I just wake and jot, scribble down.. Its often days later they make sense. πŸ™‚

    • These dreams are becoming more constant and vivid, it’s the feelings that they leave me with through out the day, almost a lack of balance. It’s like I am missing something but have no idea what, running over the pieces of the puzzle in my mind, I still can’t quite see the picture.

      Hmmm some interesting thoughts, I never looked at things from that angle, requires more thought I think.

      Some of what you suggest does make sense, much in my life and about me has changed this last year, not the cold hard face on the door, the one not to cross, who’s thoughts you never new.
      I am the same but different, the old guy down the road came to see me a few weeks back, having trouble with some “youths” as he put it, in truth they were terrorising the old guy, a quite chat and they don’t come to my street anymore, but the point is sometime back he would never have felt he could come to me, and I probably wouldn’t have helped if he did.
      With change comes emotion and deeper feeling, that is a balance I never needed to hold before, I shut myself off and kept myself cold, it was the only way to survive as a child in the horrors of what passed as my childhood. This trend I ran through later life, always a mask until now.
      May be these dreams connect somehow, or maybe I am simply thinking of children….blood children and the fear of my own upbringing worries me, what if I made those mistakes? I couldn’t be responsible for wrecking an innocent life.

      • No you are not just thinking of children.. These dreams are telling you to see your inner child.. ( And remember too, each life here on Earth Duma is responsible for their own too ) Whether you believe me or not.. but we all come knowing we are going to fulfil a basic contract .. Within that contract we can be the ones who receive the lessons, or who dish them out.. Karma is a remarkable Universal law… But one thing I know we are each given Free Will… its up to us at any given moment how we turn that Free Will around…
        You have been turning your energy around now Duma .. this shows as the old gentleman came to ask for your help… The Universe is giving you clear signs my friend… Embrace them and allow yourself to ‘Forgive’ yourself..

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