Words, Words, Words.

What is it with Facebook? I logged on to my Facebook earlier this eve, first time in a while and now I remember why I don’t use it much anymore. News Feed full of doom and gloom, or what everyone is having for dinner, a message from an age-old Ex, that’s best left well in my past!

What a crazy waste of words.

Words, Words, Words…… so many words that can mean so much or mean so little.

When you think about it, the world is made of words, hundreds and thousands of words, strung together in different ways to create different pictures, that each eye and ear beholds differently.

Words hold this strange kind of power, meaning one thing then another, a world made of words.

We can forget how powerful words can be, how inspirational, or how negative, the pen can cut far deeper than any sword.

Look at the Bible for example, how the words written have created such a vast spectrum of thought.

Salinger wrote a book “The Catcher in the Rye” resulting in several high and low profile murders. Mark David Chapman went on to kill John Lennon, Robert John Bardo, killed Rebecca Schaeffer and John Hinchley JR attempted to murder Ronald Reagan.

When Salinger wrote “The Catcher in the Rye” the last thing on his mind would have been that his words would incite murder, but yet as a result of reading the words, individuals felt compelled to go out and murder people, quoting lines from the book in their defense, indeed Mark David Chapman was stood reading the book feet from where he shot John Lennon 5 times, writing in the cover “This is my testament”

No wonder Salinger stopped publishing and locked himself away, one can only imagine the guilt and the responsibility he must have felt. Though the interesting thing is he never stopped writing, just stopped publishing. Manuscripts full of his words lay locked away for ever, never to be read, his writing become only for him. Though I believe he did consent to certain publications at certain points after his death of some of his words. He probably didn’t want to live with any further guilt, though of course he was never to blame.

The power of words, to inspire, to hurt, to create and destroy.

Is it the word or the implication of the word that is most effective, how one eye reads and another see’s.

Each word gives birth to a new dream, a new thought and sentence, with a thousand ways to interpret and understand it, yet how easily we waste our words on the insignificant, on our Facebook news feeds and updates, such power lost in sludge, forever forgotten on the cutting room floor.

Words like life, so often wasted, the true beauty of it all never seen, laying lost in the sands of time, forgotten, unread,


never lived,

words unsaid.

Random thoughts for the night.



~ by Duma Key on March 17, 2014.

One Response to “Words, Words, Words.”

  1. I enjoy facebook to keep up with pictures…I keep up with several animal rescues and the dogs they save but I agree sometimes when I read people posts I wonder why they think I care if they are tired or have to work or what they ate for dinner….lol

    Words especially written ones can be very powerful…hurtful and even inspiring…

    It seems spoken words are becoming extinct…texting is the new thing…
    at any rate….I always enjoy the written word….the feelings that can be stirred from mere words…

    I like spoken words also….hoping all will never let a day go by without sharing the words in the heart….
    ok….as my daughter would say when she was little and trying to sleep and i talked too much…no more words mommy…

    be well

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