Shopping trolly full of dreams

Was I ever that sad? I saw you today, the ghost from my past, the one that haunts my sleep, the one I could never understand and I guess I loved you once.
You didn’t see me, I played it that way, you were always the one holding the cards while I held the aces, playing your game the only way you knew, unaware I held the table and had the game.
A silent tear I shed for what could have been but never was, so much was lost in the blink of an eye, so much you never saw.
I hope your happy, but know you are not, though even now it burns, I always saw through the image deeper inside, why do you think I stuck around so long?
Gone but never forgotten, I moved on, the light of my life holds my hand, reads my mind, crazy how something so wrong found something so right! And new girl I realised I love, so pure and so sweet, nothing we don’t share, I wake and know she is there as I am for her, to the end and back.
I wish you could have found this love, with your shopping trolly full of dreams, saying good bye as I step from your shadow, i loved you once! But really loved you, as you, beyond words and dreams, all you have seen and sadly all you will ever know! So I shed a tear, not for my love that I lost, but for what you will never know or feel, with your shopping trolly full of dreams.
Now I love her voice and her touch, the way she touches my mind, late morning cuddles and those stunning eyes, always the eyes, how she holds me and reads me. The shadow showed me that I could love and my girl taught me how to do it right! Happy? Yer I am mega happy like a dream but whole and complete! Through you I found me……so thank you and goodbye with your shopping trolly full of dreams good luck in life I wish you well!


~ by Duma Key on February 24, 2014.

2 Responses to “Shopping trolly full of dreams”

  1. am so happy for you… its nice to know your heart is happy….

    • Funny how something so wrong leads to pathways so right! We learn I guess from the past, and the people we encounter, both good and bad. Letting go of any form of hurt is hard, but then in doing so we open doors to other places, grow and become better people, otherwise just pushing a trolly full of dreams.
      How’s things in your world, I will pop by soon to catch up!

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