Tennis ball

Always like a tennis ball, beyond my grasp.
Yet I wish I didn’t have to stand and watch you fall.
Yet fall you will and down it comes, call out and I will catch you, stay silent and it’s just what comes!
Not the same, never will be, but to watch you fall alone is just not me!
A dream with in a dream awake but still asleep …….


~ by Duma Key on October 7, 2013.

2 Responses to “Tennis ball”

  1. You are alive – thank the Gods.

    A more insightful comment once I recover from my relief…



  2. You are a savior inside – a hero, a man in the true sense of the word… ‘protector’ – ‘friend’ as well.

    I keep seeing this in you.

    I costs you inside and yet it makes you strong as well because you care.

    It’s a fine line D – you have good balance (even if you wobble every once in a while) you walk it well.

    Love and friendship to you D,

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