Hybrid Shopping!

There is something very liberating about the smell of fresh ground coffee, I bought a coffee machine a few weeks back and have been experimenting with different types of beans, my kitchen has that aura of fresh ground coffee!

So today we went “Hybrid Shopping” to quote her term! which made the normal rather dull trip to the supermarket, a lot more fun.

So what is “Hybrid Shopping” you may ask? Have you ever food shopped for just yourself? The choices are limited as everything is aimed at 2 Plus people! You end up throwing away more than you eat, or with a freezer full of things you forgot you had!

So the idea is simple, we shop together, split the food and alternate where we eat, so one night at mine and the next at hers!

The rules were simple we choose different foods, but everything has to be fresh, no microwave meals, no prepared food, I have half the items she chooses and she has half of mine, then the first night she cooks at hers, the following night I cook at mine, then she cooks at mine and I hers!

Thank goodness for Google, as I am pretty sure I am going to be needing it!

So the start of our trip didn’t go too well…….! We found the book isle ended up buying books! Though in keeping with the theme as they were 2 for £7.00 we each choose a book, then choose one for the other!

I never knew shopping could be so much fun, I haven’t laughed as much in ages, the rather large girl at the cream cake section, lusting over the various arrey of tempting items, whilst holding her weight watches ready meal, caught both of our attentions, mean I know, but the irony of it was too much to resist.

Then there was the party of “old dears” chatting about bingo and such right in the middle of the isle, causing absolute chaos!

Then this…..


Not sure they thought that one through!

Anyway…Just thought I would share todays adventure!


~ by Duma Key on August 12, 2013.

One Response to “Hybrid Shopping!”

  1. Here’s to many more Happy Shopping Days,
    Just calling by to see how’s you are doing? sending you a thought or three Enjoy your Month of September..

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