Normality verse abnormal behaviour

Been in the office doing normal hours, I needed some stability, instead of the isolation that nights throw.
Long day, business suit, in and out of meetings, endless calls stressed to fuck!
Text message “hey how’s your day going?” My pretty lady!
Reply “stressed to fuck, be about 10 before I am done, just remembered I have not eaten today…lol food over rated, hope your day is better than mine !”
So I pull up on the drive about 10:30 took the Rav today needed the power of that beast, mixed with my black cold suit!
Car lights pull in behind me, her Audi, her smile and those eyes, “got us an Indian and some wine, you need to eat”
Gone from an abnormal day, to normality, she asks about my day, listens to me rant, we drink wine and eat, cuddle on the sofa and my harsh day melts!
This is so strange, but at the same time so nice!
Will I ever understand this stuff!


~ by Duma Key on August 9, 2013.

One Response to “Normality verse abnormal behaviour”

  1. “Will I ever understand this stuff!” ???

    No……… Just enjoy each and every Moment! 🙂

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