Second date, something a little different!

After an enjoyable evening on Saturday, more on that later! We are having a second date this evening!
Try something different on both counts, firstly I am cooking and secondly I thought I would share the experience!



Roast lamb, veg I got from a friends allotment though at this exact point in time, she does not know! Technically stolen veg!!!!

Now to try and make this into a dinner! Armed with tablet and google ……….


~ by Duma Key on August 5, 2013.

2 Responses to “Second date, something a little different!”

  1. Wide SMILES here Duma, on both counts.. second date! and Cooking dinner with FRESH veggies…. I am sure your friend will smile too knowing the good cause….
    Enjoy!… and I am tempted to play gooseberry! and gate-crash… LOL… Wishing you a very enjoyable evening and Dinner..


    • She will not mind, always telling me to go get stuff! Something so much better about fresh home grown stuff!
      And I appear to be in the process of cooking enough to feed the whole street so an extra plate would not be a problem lol

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