Changing times

First time in an age, I woke up feeling good, alive and I guess in a round about way happy!
Sun shone, it was warm and I was buzzing, sales rocketed on top form!
Out of the darkness comes light and finally I am breaking free, was never me, however much we dress this up….for the first time ever everything I did was right….an offer now on the table, simple and easy once more I do what’s right….the outcome….hmmm I don’t give a toss…..after months of hurt I am free, not with hurt or regret not even holding on….just free and happy with me!!!!


~ by Duma Key on June 2, 2013.

2 Responses to “Changing times”

  1. The damned sun just won’t put up with that blanket of clouds for long I find – even when it feels safe to hide in the shade after a while of being there.

  2. I’m so pleased you are getting to know the real you and are liking what shines back from your reflection.
    The Sunlight always brings out the Darkest shadows exposing them. And life is always so much brighter when we bask in its Light.
    🙂 great to hear this piece of news. The caterpillar is at last crawling out from among the cabbages. Next stages yet to come 🙂 excellent. – Sue

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